20 Best Ludo App for Earning Money 2022

Thinking about how to earn a living when you are a student, earning money while studying in school or college will give you financial freedom. Apart from helping your family, there are many other benefits of earning money including knowing the importance of hard-earned money and learning important lessons about time management.

Do you love to play games most people do Have you ever thought that while relaxing your mind you got a chance to win real cash by playing Ludo Yes you heard that right! With the changing times, technology has taken us from physical games to digital.

In childhood, when we used to play Ludo with our friends and family 2 to 4 people used to sit and play together, but now the time has changed. We play Ludo on our mobile devices and desktop/laptop due to which the demand for Ludo apps has increased tremendously. The Ludo games are liked by millions of people.

best ludo app for earning money

What is Ludo Earning App?

Ludo app allows you to play the game, helping you to make real cash on your mobile with real global players. The best part is that you can also play Ludo with your friends and family.

Ludo app enables you to play online ludo games in different modes including 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 1 vs 2, and 1 vs 3, multiplayer mode, classic mode, and quick mode.

If you win the game you can choose any mode and win cash prizes. These apps also allow you to create your private room or table and invite you to play with them. Enjoying the real experience of playing and interacting with players from all over the world is one of the fascinating aspects of the Ludo app.

Plus the games offer a guaranteed payout and fill your pockets with a signup bonus that you can redeem to play games and win money. Also, you can earn money with Ludo Earning App without investment.

The platform also hosts an impeccable referral program that requires you to invite your friends and earn great bonuses. In addition, you can also get access to huge deposit offers that enable you to bring money to your wallet and earn bonuses. The best part is that you can withdraw the winning amount instantly to your bank account or Paytm Wallet.

Best Ludo Earning Apps to Earn Money

After playing ludo on different apps, I am sharing my experience of 15 ludo earning apps which I liked better than other apps. You can try these apps on your mobile and enjoy this dataless game. You can also win various cash prizes on these apps.

1 Ludo King

best ludo app for earning money

Want to play Ludo and earn good money? Ludo King, one of the most downloaded Ludo apps in India is available on Android and iOS platforms since 2016. The app has over 500 million downloads and is a contemporary version of the Royale game.

Winning daily tournaments is as easy as rolling the dice correctly.

The platform offers a simple interface and enhances your overall gaming experience. Also, users can play without internet connectivity. Furthermore, the app is featured with an inbuilt voice chat feature, and the support is extended to all devices as well.

You can redeem cash rewards in your UPI, bank account, or Paytm Wallet. It may take up to 72 hours for a transaction to appear in your account; Once you do this you can easily withdraw money.

2 Mpl Live

best ludo app for earning money

India’s top gaming platform has also added Ludo. Very good! Undoubtedly this is one of the oldest and most reliable apps that allows you to play Ludo against other players and earn a decent amount of Paytm cash.

From car racing, fantasy, and Candy Crush to quizzes, there are many other games that you can try on this platform. The very first reward of INR 50 comes to you as soon as you sign up. Also, you can earn a bonus of up to INR 75 for referring the app to your friend. The app has an intuitive interface, with a minimum withdrawal amount of Rs. 20 per day.

Depending on the number of players, you will have a limited number of moves to play. For example, if you’re playing against only one player, you’ll have 24 moves. But if you’re playing against two or three, you’ll only get 18 moves. This is a great app if you want to make some extra pocket money.

3 Ludo Supreme

best ludo app for earning money

Launched by Hitech Ludo Game Studio. Ludo Supreme must be included in the list of best ludo earning apps. More than 1 million users have downloaded this app. The best part is that the size of this app is very less which makes it ideal for all smartphones.

The process of signing up for this platform is hassle-free. Apart from this, you get to earn a sign-up bonus ranging from Rs. 5 to 10.

The app has Full HD graphics and detailed animations. Plus, like all the other apps mentioned in this list, the app is free for everyone to play. So play Ludo with your family and friends and win lots of cash prizes daily.

4 Ludo Empire 

best ludo app for earning money

One of the best ludo-earning apps in India, Ludo Empire offers incredible ways to win real cash prizes. As per the reviews of many people, the app is free from all kinds of bugs.

Players can create their room and join tournaments to increase their winning prizes. The platform also offers Rs. 10 as a signup bonus. You can also refer the app to your friends and win more cash prizes.

5 Ludo ninja

best ludo app for earning money

Ludo Ninja offers the highest signup bonus out of all the best Ludo earning apps listed in this article. You can get up to Rs. 100 sign-up bonus from each referral.

The best part is that you can invest more in this sign-up bonus or deposit more on this app to claim more bonuses.

The platform has an attractive referral code program and allows you to withdraw even 1 INR to your bank account for the first time.

6 Real 11

best ludo app for earning money

Real11 is one of the top-rated apps earning Ludo famous for playing fantasy cricket and football. However, with the increasing demand of users, app developers have also added some more features.

So now you can also play Kabaddi and Ludo games on the app.

Legendary batsman Gautam Gambhir was the brand ambassador of the Real 11 app. Users also get Rs. 50 sign-up bonus and get Rs. 25 extra for each new referral.

The minimum withdrawal limit is Rs. 200. While you can withdraw the maximum of Rs. 50000 in a day.

However, the platform charges a withdrawal fee of Rs. 10 On every transaction you withdraw money. Overall, Real11 is an amazing app to earn ludo without investment.

7 Ludo skill

best ludo app for earning money

This is also a great app where you can play and win real money. The platform provides an opportunity to earn bountiful referrals up to Rs. 150 per referral.

Also on signing up for this app you will get Rs. 25 bonus. The minimum withdrawal amount in this is Rs 100.

This is the only drawback of Skill Ludo. Attracts various users The platform is designed with an intuitive interface that can be used every day. the players earn up to Rs. 20 per referral.

8 Rush

best ludo app for earning money

Rush has digitized all those nostalgic games that take you on a journey back to childhood. The best thing about Crowd is that you play with humans, not robots.

You will earn Rs 20 as your signup bonus and Rs 10 for each referral. Plus, you can earn Rs 10 to 15 as your check-in bonus so that you can play the game every day.

It has three games from which you can earn some cash. Play Carrom, Ludo, or Quiz and test your gaming skills.

A VIP version is available where you can save more money and get bigger rewards. It can be trusted as it is RNG certified.

It stands for Random Number Generation, which guarantees that all numbers appearing in the game are random and cannot be controlled.

9 Playerzpot

best ludo app for earning money

PlayerZpot has advertised itself as India Ka Naya Maidan. It’s safe to play, and you can earn real cash prizes with it. They provide anti-fraud detection and are committed to a fair policy.

You also earn daily referral rewards and cash rewards. Has over 1 crore users, and more than 10 crore daily wins. You can also participate in more than 100 competitions organized by it every day.

10 Elite Ludo

best ludo app for earning money

Has an app betrayed you by not giving you cash rewards as promised? Don’t worry! With Elite Ludo, users are completely safe as the platform is completely reliable and does everything that it does.

The app offers lucrative opportunities to earn money in real-time and instant withdrawals. The platform includes not only dice games

It is much more than that! Hence it will be considered one of the best ludo earning apps in India.

The best thing about this app is that you get to play with real opponents. You must not have seen any fake players participating in the games on this platform.

Once you download the app and enter the referral code, you become eligible for a signup bonus of Rs 10

This app is established by an Indian company named AVRLITE Games Pvt Ltd. You can get your money transferred to you through bank transfer or UPI ID. You can also choose to bet online and earn up to INR 12000

11 Ludo Sikandar

best ludo app for earning money

Ludo Sikander is another app that can help you earn some money. You don’t get a signup bonus, but you do get a 1 percent commission on your referrals.

It’s a brain game, and you earn coins with it. There is no limit to the gameplay, so you can keep playing your Ludo game all day long. The withdrawal limit has been fixed at Rs 100.

12 Ludo Premium

best ludo app for earning money

The best Ludo earning app in this list, Ludo Premium, offers the players a user-friendly interface and various interesting modes to enhance the user’s experience.

The app provides Rs. 10 as a Signup Bonus which gets credited to your Paytm Wallet instantly. You can also refer the app to your friends to earn more money, up to Rs. 15 per referral.

One of the amazing features offered by the app is instant withdrawal which means you can transfer money to your bank account instantly.

However, the withdrawal fee is Rs. 60, which is only spent when you transfer the cash rewards to your account.

13 OneTo11

best ludo app for earning money

OneTo11, the leading money-making app, is ideal to play Ludo online and win huge cash prizes.

OneTo11 app is most famous for offering a huge signup bonus of up to Rs. 100. Plus, you can earn endlessly by referring the app to other people.

The special thing about all these apps is that you do not need to be a hardcore gamer to earn money through them.

All platforms including Ludo are featured with lightweight games, which are easy to play and enable you to earn cash in real-time.

14 Gamezy

best ludo app for earning money

The platform lets you play fantasy games including Rummy, Ludo, and many more. In addition, all games featured in GameZy offer the opportunity to win real cash.

Users also get a Rs. 100% sign-up bonus if they enter a referral code. The app allows you to play against up to 3 players. Apart from this, you can also take part in Ludo tournaments.

This is the most known ludo-earning app without investment. One of the best features provided by GameZy is that you are allowed to withdraw your earnings to your bank account, UPI and Paytm Wallet instantly.

All you have to do is register your account with the app and start playing among the 14 games it offers.

15 Ludo Cash

Ludo Cash presents you with a fun game. You can play with one or three players. If that doesn’t work you can also play as a team with the team vs team feature.

Ludo Cash has been downloaded by more than 1 million users from the play store.

You get a referral bonus of INR 10 as soon as you sign up. There is a referral and earning option where you earn INR 10 for every referral you make.

The app allows you to chat with new friends and buy new themes and change the skins of your dice.

16 Ludo Club

best ludo app for earning money

Ludo Club is an exciting way to earn money. You can become a Ludo star by participating in Ludo quests, defeating Ludo masters from around the world, and unlocking various dice.

They have filled you with features like a daily bonus lucky chest and a piggy bank. It works offline and is a great game to enjoy with your friends.

You chat with them and also react with emojis while playing. It has been downloaded more than 10 crore times so far.

17 EWar Games

best ludo app for earning money

Want to win real cash? Why not try Evar Games Portal? This is the best ludo earning app which lets you play ludo, fantasy cricket, and many more games.

Not only play but it also allows you to win a good amount of cash prizes which are instantly credited to your bank account or Paytm wallet.

The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs. 10 and all the money you earn can be transferred to your Paytm Wallet instantly. Still, wondering whether to choose this platform or not.

Go for it and double your chances of earning money by participating in free competitions and tournaments.

18 Ludo League

best ludo app for earning money

Do you want to feel the same while playing offline ludo games in your childhood? Ludo League brings you the same experience by offering you 24×7 game table game variations, instant money withdrawal to your Paytm wallet, and seamless payment options.

The referral code of this portal is SED2UD, and you get a signup bonus of Rs.25. There is no limit on referral earnings.

However, the amount starts from Rs. 10. Also the players are not barred from the minimum withdrawal procedure which is the best thing.

19 Ludo Tez

best ludo app for earning money

A project of Upskillz Games Private Limited, Ludo Tez is one of the best Ludo earning apps in India. The app provides you with a lucrative opportunity to earn a lot through its referral program.

Be the last player on the app and win huge real cash with your due diligence strategizing your gameplay and making calculative decisions after thorough attention.

Once you have downloaded the app and registered your account you will get an Rs. 5 Sign-up Bonus, Minimum Withdrawal Amount of Only Rs. 10 which can be transferred instantly to your Paytm Wallet, UPI, or Bank Account.

20 India Ludo

best ludo app for earning money

India Ludo Online is an interesting platform offering the best experience of playing Ludo. Like the other apps mentioned in this list, this app too is designed with an intuitive interface.

So, even a novice can easily operate this app in one go. However, the only downside of this app is that the minimum withdrawal fee is Rs. 300.

You can play with random players and be allowed to create your private room to play with your family or friends.

If you want to enjoy an incredible gaming experience and earn real-time cash, then this app suits your needs.

How to play Ludo Online?

  • The Ludo game can be played between 2 to 4 players.
  • Each player is given a colored token (red, green, yellow, or blue).
  • Ludo board is square shaped and consists of different columns.
  • There are 3 columns of squares on each side of the square.
  • The middle column consists of 5 colored squares, which represent the player’s home.
  • Also, each player has 4 tokens.
  • The sixth colored square is where a player begins his Ludo journey.

Wrap up with the best ludo app for earning money

These are some of the best Ludo apps. There are some scams and fake apps out there, so beware and research an app thoroughly before depositing any money.

Also, remember that every game has different terms and conditions attached to it. Please read them carefully and have fun playing your Ludo game.

It is very easy to play Ludo online. All you have to do is sign up with any of the 16 ludo-earning apps and start playing the game to win real cash prizes.

The next step is to explore different options/methods to play online. Once you have registered your account, you will be redirected to this page where you will be asked to select one option out of all.

Players need to throw the dice and move their tokens according to the dice symbol (numbers from 1 to 6). The first player able to bring all his tokens to end the game will win the game.

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