44 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India

best Refer and earn apps in India, are a great way to make some side income. You don’t need to put too much effort to earn money, all you have to do is refer the apps to your friends or family members. The other person could be your friend or acquaintance or maybe your co-worker.

It has been observed that face-to-face recommendations are one of the best ways of marketing a product, and some companies use the referral system to market their products to a wider audience.

There is much great referral and earning apps on the market that have unique ways to reward referrals or encourage people to refer your services to others.

Sometimes the reward comes in the form of further discounts for the purchase or use of the Service, and
Other times the reward is in the form of cash on an app. One of the most attractive features of referral marketing is that it is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your product and increase brand awareness.

With the right timing and the necessary software tools, you can see your business flourish and at the same time, you need to reward the people in the chain with a strong referral system as it helps in getting more business continuously.

What is Marketing by Referral and Earn

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about referral and earning apps in the market. So let’s first understand what it means.

A referral is described when a customer refers a service or product to a known person. Referrals are a way of promoting business which helps to get their business known and increase traffic to the website.

It is essential to have a system that tracks referrals and their earnings. One of the drawbacks of the best referrer and earning apps in India is the need to track transactions to reward deserving referrers.

With the advent of smartphones and computer systems, it has become relatively easy to build a referral network for the most part.

How does marketing by referral work?

At the core of any successful referral marketing network is a system that encourages the face-to-face promotion of a product or service. This system is successful because people trust a product if the recommendation comes from a friend or acquaintance.

Earlier people used the traditional methods of marketing the products by giving discounts on their next purchase or additional discount on cash payments etc. But now things have completely changed and people are looking for current deals and discounts, they will not buy your product today. To get a discount on your next purchase.

One of the common methods that marketers use today to reward customers in the system is to use the Paytm network to make payments. It should be noted that the Paytm payment system relies on a referral system to promote its usage and hence this method attracts its customers.

When other means of promoting a product are compared, it is seen that promotion by referral is the most cost-effective possible. No payments are made until a purchase is made, and this ensures that referral marketing delivers the highest ROI over a period of time.

Why do referrals work so well?

In a way, referral helps nothing but friends and close associates to get a product or service that has given great satisfaction to the original customer. It tends to take advantage of the feel-good factor that a product makes in a satisfied customer.

The reasons for the closure of referral marketing in the market can be summarized below-

  • Aim at the target customer: The best referral and money-earning apps aim to reach the end user directly. Thus, marketing is done at the micro level, it directly targets the customers. If done properly, your product can become famous and you can get a good number of conversions in just a few months.
  • The need for social proof: One of the most important driving forces is whether someone else has recommended a product because they have used it in the past. Through referral marketing, the user gets to promote a particular product; This makes a strong impression on the customer base.
  • Take advantage of social networks: Everyone in society is part of some social network. Over the past ten years, the use of social media has made it possible to take advantage of the networks that people are part of, especially with the penetration of influencers on platforms.
  • Quality Customers: With referral marketing, it is often found that people are more loyal to the brand. Statistically, it has been found that repeat orders are more likely to occur within a referral group, and customers continue to use the product even for more extended periods.
44 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India 2022

44 Best Refer and Earn Apps to earn money

I have earned a lot of money through referrals and earnings from the below apps. The best thing about these apps is that you can easily withdraw money directly from your bank account. So no worries thinking that how to transfer your Paytm wallet to the bank or anything like that.

Here are some of the best referral and earning apps in India for you. This list has been prepared after extensive research, therefore, you can be sure that all these apps are safe and 100% legit.

1 Paytm Money

If you are a beginner and want to start your journey in the share market then I think Paytm Money will be one of the best options for you. It offers a fixed brokerage plan to its clients. Paytm Money claims that they provide low-cost trading options and their trading fees are low as compared to others.

Users can open a Demat account on the Paytm Money app with their basic details like PAN card number, Aadhaar number, mobile number linked with Aadhaar, etc. In this app, you can buy stocks, mutual funds, and gold. Any user can log in to the Paytm Money app with their Paytm number or sign up if they do not have a Paytm account yet.

Paytm Money claims that users can upload their documents and their Demat account will be opened within 24 hours. You can set up price alerts and create multiple watchlists to track real-time price changes of up to 50 stocks. The first time you have to add ₹50 to your account, then you are ready to invest your money in stocks, equities, or NPS.

The process to use the app is relatively simple, all you need to do is open an account with the Paytm app. After that, you need to log in to Paytm Money software using the same login credentials. Then follow the KYC requirements which enable you to trade actively in the market.

A few weeks back referral offer was not available in the Paytm money app. But recently they have also added this feature. If you refer a friend you will get up to ₹300 in your trading balance. Also, the person who downloads the app through your link will get ₹100 in their trading balance.

This cashback will be credited to your trading account within 48 hours. If your friends don’t complete their equity onboarding and trading first, you both will get nothing. This referral offer is only for those who have a Demat account.

Steps to use the referral system

  • Download and install the One Code software application.
  • Register by creating an account.
  • Click on the ‘Brand’ option.
  • Use the ‘Demat Account’ option to create an account with Paytm Money.
  • Study the introduction steps and successfully answer the questions that follow.
  • Now tap on the ‘Share Now’ button to generate a link to share with friends.
  • Complete! Once the person receiving the link signs up for a trading account on Paytm Money, the cashback will be credited to the user’s account.

terms and conditions

  • The offer is valid for new users only.
  • The account and mobile number with which the registration has been done should be linked with Aadhaar.
  • The new user has to complete the formalities and invest the money in the first 90 days to earn Rs.300.

2 Upstox

Upstox software is used for trading shares and mutual funds in the Indian capital market. In addition, it is possible to participate in the Upstox referral program by signing up for the product and sharing the referral code among friends. This is one of the best referral and earning apps in India

Upstox credits the referral commission. The new trader has to complete the formalities to get the amount in his account and first has to open a trading account for referrals.

by referring our friends and family members you can earn money from this app. you will get ₹600 If you share the Upstox referral link. whenever you want you can withdraw this balance from your bank account.

As per the terms and conditions of the Upstox Refer & Earn Offer, you will get your referral amount in your account on the successful opening of your friend’s account. They need to submit the correct details successfully to have a Upstox account.

Steps to use the referral system

  • Download the Upstox app and install it on your mobile phone.
  • Create a trading account by following the prescribed steps and uploading the required documents.
  • Once the account is created and the required documents are uploaded, the user needs to navigate to the profile icon on the dashboard.
  • Click on the Refer and Earn tab.
  • It generates a referral link which is shared as a WhatsApp number or group or SMS.
  • Once your friends click on the link sent to them and create an account with Upstox, Rs 200 will be credited to your account.
  • On an investment of the amount in the new account, the original referrer gets an additional Rs 100.
  • The Upstox dashboard updates the referral earnings of the user by visiting the ‘Referrals’ tab.

Please remember that Upstox changes its context and earns an offer from time to time. So try to share the referral links fast to earn a ₹600 Upstox referral balance in your bank.

3 ySense

If you want to earn money by inviting friends as well as completing online surveys then ySense is an excellent reference and earning app in India as it provides an opportunity to complete surveys and refers others on your website or app.

comes with a great referral program for all users. If you have some friends who want to earn money online by completing online surveys then you can recommend ySense and earn up to 30% commission for referrals, which is huge.

Your referred friends can complete paid surveys and cash offers to earn money from ySense. And if they earn something then you will get a 20% commission from them. If you work honestly and if you get good results then they will increase your commission by 30% for your referrals.

I think the ySense survey is also the best referral and earning website for all users. Simply join the ySense survey affiliate program and withdraw your earnings via PayPal or Amazon gift card.

After your referred friend’s signup, you will get $0.10 to $0.30 from selected countries. Once your invited friends earn their first $5.00 (excluding commissions) you will also earn an extra $2.00 bonus.

4 IIFL Securities

IIFL Securities is a leading stockbroker in the Indian capital market. They have a referral program that encourages existing customers to promote their services to earn some extra money.

They provide equity delivery trading to their users free of cost which means there is no brokerage for this but there is a fee of Rs 20 for all other tradings.

Their referral program is quite lucrative as they pay Rs 500 as a referral reward for every successful referral. They have sent you a gift voucher within seven working days and you can use it within 60 days after the voucher is credited.

You should know that you get paid only when the referred person opens a Demat account, downloads the app, and starts trading on it.

Steps to Open a Demat Account on IIFL

You have to keep some documents before opening a Demat account online. keep proof of identity (Aadhar Card), Proof of address (Aadhar, Voter Card), and Proof of Income (Bank passbook front page and Pan Card).

  • apply for a Demat account online on IIFL App.
  • Submit your name, and mobile number to start the account opening process.
  • They will call you soon to continue the process.
  • Next, submit KYC details online.
  • Fill out the form with all the required details.
  • Upload some proof of documents.
  • Wait for document verification.
  • You will receive a unique beneficiary owner identity (BOID).
  • Now you are ready to refer and earn a gift voucher worth ₹500 on IIFL Securities.

IIFL Securities Refer and Earn

If you invite friends and share your unique referral link then both of you will get a referral reward of ₹500. This gift voucher will be dispatched to you within 7 working days of each successful referral.

You can claim within 60 days of the voucher being credited. Please remember, that you will get IIFL referral rewards only when your friends open a Demat account, download the IIFL Markets app, and start trading on the app.

  • First of all, download the IIFL Securities App.
  • Open your Demat Account.
  • Tap on three lines and then choose the ‘Refer & Earn option.
  • Enter your linked mobile number and enter OTP to log in.
  • Now share your invite link with your friends.
  • Once they open their Demat Account, they will get rewarded with a ₹500 gift voucher.

5 Amazon Pay

In this new year 2022, Amazon has relaunched its existing Refer and Earn offers. Now if you refer a friend on Amazon Pay, you will get ₹75 cashback in your Amazon Pay balance. Also, the person joining your link will get a reward of up to ₹ 125.

But please remember that you will get nothing if your referred friend already has an existing Amazon UPI account or if they do not complete their first UPI transaction.

They have to complete their first UPI transaction in the form of Scan & Pay or Send Money. You’ll find a reference to Amazon and a link to the updated Amazon Pay app.

Just tap on the Explore tab in the Amazon Pay section. Here you will get the option of Invite and Earn.

6 PhonePe

It’s an amazing reference and earns app with an easy-to-use interface; With the help of this app, you can transfer money from your bank to any account in seconds. You can make a variety of payments through this app, from bank transfers to bill payments, in-app purchases, investment or gold purchases, and more.

after Google Pay, It is the second most used UPI app in India. They pay you 125 rupees to your PhonePe Wallet for each successful referral.

You can transfer your referral earnings to your account in seconds without any hassles. Download PhonePe for iOS and Android.

PhonePe Refer and Earn Offer

  • First, download the PhonePe app.
  • Register and link your bank account.
  • Now tap on ‘Refer & Earn ₹125’.
  • Tap on any social media icon and share your invite link.
  • Once your referred friend connects through your link and makes your first UPI payment, you will receive ₹125 cashback in your PhonePe wallet.

7 Google Pay

Formerly known as Tez, has now been acquired by Google and is called Google Pay. It enables users to carry out financial transactions easily from their mobile phones.

You can transfer money in many ways. Transferring money from one account to another has become easier than ever because of this amazing app.

People opt for Google Pay as they allow users to earn a scratch card for every transaction above Rs 150. They have an excellent reference and earning plan, but this changes from time to time. Recently Google Pay has changed its referral policy.

Now you will get ₹ 150 or sometimes ₹ 21 for new referrals and the person who joins through your link will also get ₹ 21 cash in their bank. Usually, the amount of referral commission ranges from Rs 150 to Rs 180 per referral, earlier they used to pay Rs 201 for referrals. Download Google Pay for iOS and Android.

Google Pay Refer and Earn Offer

  • First, download the Google Pay app.
  • Register and link your bank account.
  • Now tap on the Profile icon.
  • Again click on the ‘Invite Friends, Get Rewards’ option.
  • Copy your Google Pay referral code and tap ‘Share’

Share your Google Pay Refer and Earning Link on WhatsApp and other social media platforms.
Once they register through your link and make their first UPI payment, they will get ₹150 cashback in the bank. At the same time, ₹ 21 will also be available in his bank account.

8 CreditMantri

This app offers Paytm cash rewards of Rs.100 to its users on providing 3 successful referrals. The important role of this app is to help you check your credit score and improve your credit score.

It helps users to get eligible loan amounts and donors. On this app, you can compare loan details from different providers and choose the one that offers you the loan with the lowest interest.

There is no limit to the invitations you can send, which means you have good earning potential with them. Signing up with them is very easy as you just have to enter your mobile number and verify it with OTP, fill in your details, and that’s it Now you can start referring your friends and earn money.

9 5Paisa

It is a stock brokerage platform that charges a flat brokerage fee regardless of the commodity, size, or trade exchange. There is no account opening fee, but they charge Rs 10 for each executed order for mutual fund investments.

They have an amazing referral program where you can earn up to Rs.500 for each referral and up to 40% brokerage fee for a lifetime.

You can also buy regular and direct mutual funds with 5Paisa, but you will have to pay some AMC charges. The various benefits of this platform are:

create a Demat account within 5 minutes, with no brokerage on trading, and invest in Stocks, Futures, Commodities, Options, Currencies, and MCX Commodities. Download 5Paisa for iOS and Android.

5Paisa Refer and Earn

If you refer a friend you will earn ₹500 (for the first referral) and up to a 40% brokerage fee for a lifetime. To refer a friend, you have to first open a Demat account of 5 paise.

There are three sections in 5Paisa Referral. Like Star, Elite Club, and Pro. If you refer more friends your referral commission will keep increasing.

  • First of all open the 5Paisa app.
  • Tap on the ‘Users’ option.
  • Scroll down and tap on the ‘Refer & Earn option.
  • Copy your 5paisa referral code.
  • Now tap on the WhatsApp option and share the referral link.

Once your friend completes his profile and opens his Demat account, you will get a reward


this app only enables users to pay and manage their credit cards. People prefer Credit because they can track all the transactions done with their credit card and monitor their expenses. The app is free to use, and both iOS and Android users can download it to their phones.

It is one of the best referral and money-making apps as they also give you rewards for paying your credit card bills on time. You can use these points to earn various items mentioned in the app.

The Credits app also helps you identify any unnecessary deductions from your account that you might have missed otherwise. They pay 10 credit coins for each referral

You can redeem them from Amazon, Flipkart, and Uber gift vouchers. They give a voucher for Rs. 1000, 500 and 150 respectively.

11 TaskBucks

TaskBucks is one of the oldest and most reputed referral and earning apps which was established back in 2015. This is the perfect app for those who want to earn money online as they provide many ways as compared to other money-earning apps.

You can earn money using this app by completing quizzes, installing apps, playing games, completing small tasks, inviting friends, and earning referral rewards and free Paytm cash.

It supports both Android and iOS operating systems, which means all you have to do is download the app and start earning. They have a great referral program, all you have to do is send it to your friends, and when they join Taskbucks, you get paid Rs.25 for each referral.

12 RozDhan

RozDhan is a well-known app that was established in 2018, they also provide free Paytm cash to users to watch videos, play games, read articles, refer friends, etc.

They provide users with new and entertaining content daily, such as renditions of viral videos or articles. They pay Rs 50 for signing up and Rs 30 for free for first-time login. You can redeem money only if you have a minimum balance of Rs 200.

For every successful referral, you get Rs.12 in your RozDhan account, and the good thing is that you will earn money every time your referral pays through RozDhan. You can withdraw money instantly through Paytm or UPI.

13 Cubber

Cubber is not just a refer and earn app but with the help of this app, you can earn cash back for doing bill payments, mobile recharge, etc.

Cubber is an online multi-purpose and socio-economic payment app where you can shop, shop, book bus tickets, and pay multiple service bills.

D&K Group launched this app in 2016 with a vision to make it a multi-purpose online payment platform. To use this app, you have to download it first.

After that, open the app and enter your details like mobile number, name, password, email address, and referral code and your account will be created. You can refer to your friends and earn up to Rs 50 per referral.

14 Pocket Money

Pocket Money is the most trusted and best referral and earning app with over 10 million app downloads as well as a good rating of 4.2 on the Google Play Store. With this app, you can do mobile recharge and earn cash up to Rs.500 by doing simple tasks.

You will be surprised to know that they pay Rs.30 for every referral who downloads the Pocket Money app; The maximum daily earning limit is Rs 160. You can also save money with the excellent discounts and offers they offer on dining, e-commerce, or travel by using the coupons they offer. 

various tasks, you can do on Pocket Money to earn commission by completing daily challenges, playing games, watching videos, etc.

15 MobiKwik

MobiKwik is a payment app that enables users to do various things like online money transfer, bill payment, recharge, and invest money in digital gold, stock market, and mutual funds.

They have recently started with a referral and earning program in which they offer Rs 50 as a signup bonus and Rs 20 per referral if your referral starts inviting friends. If you refer your friends to transfer your MobiKwik wallet to your bank, you will still earn ₹100 cashback in your wallet.

They have set a maximum limit of Rs 1500 as maximum earning. To use one of the best referral and earning apps, simply download it to your phone, create an account using your mobile number,

link your bank account and set your UPI PIN. Download MobiKwik for iOS and Android.

MobiKwik Refer and Earn Offer

  • First of all download MobiKwik app.
  • Create an account and link your bank account.
  • Now scroll down and on the ‘Offers for You’ tab find the Refer & Earn option.
  • Simply copy your invite link and share it on your social media.

You will get ₹75 cashback once your referred friend makes your first UPI payment.
If they add money from your link then you will get ₹100 cashback.

16 Paytm

There are very few things that we cannot do online with Paytm App. I don’t need to introduce you to this app. From recharge and bill payments to shopping, investing, games, digital gold, money transfer, and many more things we can do with Paytm App.

Paytm also has its payment bank. Many people use the Paytm app for receiving and making payments, easy UPI money transfer,s and cashback offers.

Paytm has recently launched a new referral offer. In this Paytm referral offer, if you refer your friends then you will get ₹ 100 cashback in your primary bank account. Apart from this, if you refer your friends to recharge or buy FASTag through the Paytm app, then you will also get 2000 cashback points and ₹ 20 cashback.

Paytm Refer and Earn Offer

  • First, download the Paytm App.
  • Create an account and link a bank account.
  • Scroll down and tap on ‘Refer and earn ₹100’.
  • Copy your invite link and share it on social media.
  • If you refer a friend to make a UPI payment, you will get ₹100.
  • If you refer a friend to recharge or buy a FASTag, you will get 2000 cashback points and ₹20 cashback.

 17 Groww App

Groww App is a mutual fund app that enables you to open a free Demat account and trade BSE and NSE-listed shares in the stock market on stock orders at a very low brokerage. You can invest money in the stock market, mutual funds, and digital gold. Opening a Demat account with them is very easy and can be done in minutes.

Once they sign up with your link and activate their stock account they pay Rs 100 for a new referral. The best part is that the money gets directly credited to both your Grow Wallets. If you do not do any transaction, the referral amount will be automatically credited to the linked bank account within a couple of days. Download this one of the best references and earn apps for iOS and Android.

To refer Grow app and earn money from it, you first need to create an account here. After that, you can easily earn money through referrals from Grow app. you will get ₹100 for a new referral after you sign up through your link and activate your stock account.

The money will be directly credited to both your grow balances. If you do not withdraw or invest referral money then Grow will automatically credit the money to your linked bank account within a period.

Groww App Refer and Earn

  • First, download the Grow app.
  • Register and create your account.
  • After submitting all the details your account will be activated.
  • Now tap on the Profile icon.
  • Scroll down and tap on the “Share and Earn Cash Rewards” option.

You can view all your successful and pending invites on the Brief Details tab of the invitation.
After completing the growing account, both of you will get ₹ 100 in the growing balance.

18 My11Circle

My11Circle is an amazing fantasy sports app where you can play Football, Cricket, Carrom, and Rummy. If you are a fantasy sports lover, you will be aware of this gaming application. 

This app gives cashback of Rs 551 directly to your bank account. My11Circle, one of the best referral and earning apps, has a great referral program that helps you earn real money. It is a better app as compared to other similar fantasy apps which only offer a bonus on referrals,

but My11Circle offers real money which you can withdraw from your bank account whenever you want. It is mandatory to verify KYC to withdraw money from your bank account. Download My11Circle for iOS and Android.

My11Circle Refer and Earn

  • First, download the My11Circle app.
  • Create an account and complete your profile.
  • Now tap on the ‘Refer and Earn section.
  • Link copy or share invite link on WhatsApp.

If your friend plays for the first time, you will get ₹51 in your wallet.
After that, if they play ₹40 or ₹40 in total, you’ll get ₹4 in your wallet.
This way, you can earn ₹4 125 times per friend if they play ₹40 amount 125 times.

19 Meesho

Meesho is the best referral and earning app in India where you can earn money by referral and reselling products. It is also known as India’s No. 1 Reselling App On Meesho you can earn money by reselling and referring products. On this reseller app, people can drop ship products.

The process is very simple; You sell Meesho products to your customers and get a commission. By referring the Meesho app to your friends, you earn a commission for every sale made by them.

By selling Meesho Products, you can earn up to Rs 25,000 every month and can also earn money by completing daily tasks.

Meesho Refer and Earn

  • First download the Meesho app.
  • Register on this app.
  • Tap on the Account option.
  • And then select the ‘Refer and Earn option.
  • Just choose ‘Refer a friend and share your Meesho invite link.

Once your friend joins your link and starts buying or reselling, you will get 25% off the sale for the first 3 orders.

20 EarnKaro

If you want to earn from home, you can join their affiliate program as they have an easy approval process and various products that you can sell and earn a good amount of money.

To join their affiliate program, you must first apply for approval. Usually, you get approval within minutes; You won’t have to wait long for this with one of the best references and earning apps.

Once approved, you can start promoting products on your social media channel or website and start earning money. You can also earn money by referring to the Earnkaro app to your friends and family.

You earn 10% of your referral profits forever. Their minimum withdrawal limit is Rs 10, You can withdraw your earnings directly from your bank account.

EarnKaro Refer and Earn

  • First of all download Earnkaro App and Signup.
  • Tap on the Profile option.
  • Now select the My Referral option.
  • Tap on ‘Refer & Earn Lifetime
  • Share your referral link on Facebook, Telegram, or WhatsApp.

You will get 10% of the profit your friends make forever.

 21 OneCode

This is also an application like Earnkaro. But you will get to see some different and trending brands that offer great referral benefits in this app. This is the beauty of One Code App.

Here you will find many different brands like Upstox, Grow, Dhani, Paytm Money, etc. You will earn more cashback by referring to these brands with one code unique link. Apart from this, you can also share the OneCode referral link with your friends and earn 10% of their earnings for a lifetime.

I think One Code is one of the best referral and earning apps in India. All your earnings, referrals, and pending benefits can be viewed in the app.

One Code Refer and Earn

  • First of all download the One Code App.
  • Register with your email, mobile number, and OTP.
  • Verify KYC.
  • Tap on the ‘Profile’ icon and then select the ‘Share Now’ option.
  • Share your OneCode referral link and referral code

22 Vision11

If you are a fantasy sports lover, then this is the best reference and money-earning app for you. This is a fantasy cricket app where you can play games like football, cricket, baseball, basketball, handball, etc.

 You can also earn money by referring the app to your friends; It offers a bonus of Rs 100 which you can use to play the game.

They also offer a 20% commission on your friend’s deposit which will be credited to your winning wallet. You can withdraw money from your bank account or keep it in your Paytm Wallet.

This means if your friend deposits ₹100 in your Vision11 wallet, you will get ₹20 in your Vision11 winning balance. The minimum withdrawal on this app is ₹100. You can withdraw your winning balance from your Paytm app and bank account instantly.

Refer and Earn

  • download the Vision11 App.
  • Enter the referral code and register on this app.
  • Tap on the ‘More’ section.
  • Select the Refer & Earn option.
  • Share your Vision11 Invite Link with your friends.

Once they signup through your link and deposit money, you will get a 20% winning balance.

23 Batball11

This is another fantasy app where you can play fantasy cricket and earn real money. They offer different levels of fantasy games where you can play fantasy sports with exciting offers and unique features. They also offer a joining bonus of Rs.50 to your Batball11 wallet.

Apart from this, you can also earn money by referring to this app to your friends and family members. People like this app because once the referring users download the app and earn a minimum of Rs. 20, you and the referred user will get 50 INR each in your wallet.

There is no earning limit which means an infinite number of referrals can be referred. And because of these features, it has become one of the best referral and earning apps in the market.

24 EarnEasy

EarnEasy is the best referral and earning app because you can earn money by completing various tasks. The tasks they provide are straightforward and simple, and if you have a few hours free, like while traveling, etc., you can use this app to earn money. They have an excellent referral program where you can earn Rs.15 for each referral.

There is no minimum withdrawal limit; You can withdraw money from Paytm Wallet, UPI, or Bank Account. To get started with their referral program, you need to download the app and create an account by providing your mobile number, name, and email address.

Once the account is created, click on ‘Refer & Earn’, share your referral code and start earning money.

25 11Challengers

This is a fantasy game app that provides multiple games that you can play anytime from anywhere. You can earn real money from this app by playing online games and referring friends.

They aim to provide the best gaming experience as it is a very well-designed application.

In their referral program, when they register and verify their mobile number, they will be able to earn Rs.50 cash bonus. Plus, you get about 20% of their contest commission for every cash contest they join.

Refer and Earn

  • First of all download the 11Challengers app.
  • Register or create an account.
  • 11 Enter the Challengers referral code SUVAM.
  • Tap on the three lines and select the Invite Friends option.
  • Tap on Invite via WhatsApp and share the link.

Once your friend plays a cash contest you will get 20% of their contest commission.

26 Samsung Referral

If you or your friends are looking to buy Samsung smartphones from the official website then you have a great chance to earn some vouchers and discount coupons. Users will get vouchers up to ₹4500 and discount coupons of up to 5% for each of their sales.

For the first time, you have to log in or sign up on the official website. you can get a referral link by entering your mobile number and email id. there are some specific smartphones and products listed on the portal.

on referring friends, you will get vouchers worth ₹750, ₹1500, and ₹4500 for sale. Apart from this, they will also get a discount. Users can redeem the voucher on the Samsung online store and app. You will find more information about the Samsung Affiliate Program on this page.

27 SeoToolAdda

It is an SEO tool platform. If you are a blogger or content creator then you must know about this website. Many small bloggers use this platform to access multiple keyword research platforms at a very low cost.

Although they may only check certain keywords every day. But still, I think it is a profitable option for every small creator and blogger. You can join SeoToolAdda Affiliate and promote it

You will get 20% referral commission for 1-10 sales, 30% referral commission for 11-20 sales, and 40% referral commission for 20+ sales in a month. They offer PayPal, Bank Transfer, UPI, and Paytm withdrawal options.

They will send payment on Paytm and UPI every Sunday. On the other hand, if you opt for bank transfer or PayPal withdrawal, you will get the payment in your account within 7-14 days.

28 ProSeoTools

Like SeoToolAdda, ProSeoTools also runs an affiliate program. The process is exactly the same. You just need to sign up on the ProSeoTools website and then you can share your referral link with your friends and community. Users can use this website for keyword research, site analysis, backlink checking, etc.

You will get a 20% commission for 1-10 sales in a month, a 30% referral commission for 11-20 sales, and a 40% commission for 21+ sales.

You can withdraw your referral commission from Paytm, Bank account, PayPal, and UPI ID. I think SeoToolAdda and ProSeoTools are the best referral and earning websites in India.

29 Winzo

It is a fun gaming application where users can play and win various exciting prizes and prizes. You will be surprised to know that they offer over 70 games for you to choose from, such as fantasy cards, arcades, casual, racing, action, and more.

The player only needs to participate in a tournament or challenge and answer all the questions correctly in the shortest possible time to become a winner with this one of the best reference and earn apps.

It’s a good referral program in which you can earn 100 rupees for every referral you join the network through your link. There is no earning limit which means the more you refer, the more you will earn.

30 Zupee

Zupee app enables users to choose any topic of their choice and play tournaments with other players and earn real money. There are different types of subject categories like Sports, Maths, Hollywood, Bollywood, Hinglish, Capital, etc.

You can complete the challenges and answer the simple questions in the shortest time possible to win the competition.

First, you have to download the app and sign up by giving your mobile number. You will also need to fill in some basic details like name, email address, bank account details, etc. They offer you a bonus of Rs.10 as soon as you sign up.

If you like the app to your friends, you get Rs 10 for downloading the app.

31 BigCash

BigCash is a fantasy game app and one of the best refer and earn apps trending these days among gamers as they are paying 10 bucks to play the game on their app. This means that there is a chance to earn a lot on BigCash just by playing the game.

You can also earn money through their referral program, as they pay Rs.15 for each referral.

To start earning through Big Cash, you need to download the app, log in with Facebook and earn a joining bonus of Rs.10.

Then enter your mobile on the Nest page and get Rs.10 on Paytm. The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs 10, and you can redeem your earnings with your Paytm Wallet.

32 Fantasy Power 11

It is a leading and less competitive fantasy app. This app is just for playing the game, you can also send it to your friends and earn Rs 100 cash bonus and 25% referral commission for a lifetime.

The best part is that every time they deposit money into their account, you will get 25% of your winning balance, You can withdraw your earnings through a bank account

33 Paytm First Games

This is the official gaming app of Paytm. We can play different types of online games in this app. This app comes with an amazing reference and earning offer.

You will win up to 10% cash and spins if you refer friends to download and play the game on Paytm First Games. Once you have a winning balance of ₹100 or more, you can withdraw the winning cash from your Paytm wallet or bank account.

Paytm First Games in, you don’t need to complete KYC if you have signed in to this app with your Paytm number. Also, you will get instant withdrawal in your Paytm Wallet or Bank Account.

Refer and Earn Offer

  • Download Paytm First Games App
  • Sign up with your registered Paytm number.
  • Tap on three lines.
  • Now select ‘Refer and Earn Cash
  • Copy the Paytm First Games referral link.
  • Share the link on your social media.

If your friend puts money in his wallet of ₹1-₹100 then you will get 10% winning cash.
Similarly, if they add ₹101-₹1000, ₹1001-₹1L or ₹1L+, you will get 5%, 3%, and 1% of the winning cash respectively.

34 CoinSwitch Kuber

CoinSwitch Kuber is a crypto trading app that offers its users a signup bonus of Rs 50, and for each referral, they pay Rs 50. It is one of the most secure and reliable crypto trading apps in India. It enables you to trade in over 100 cryptos at the best prices with the highest liquidity.

All you have to do is download the app, register your mobile number and complete the signup process to use this platform

35 Frizza

Frizza is the best referral and earning app in India specially to earn Paytm cash. You can complete many tasks to earn money, such as watching videos, completing surveys, referring the app to your friends, and much more.

For each digital task completed, they pay you Rs 25 and Rs 15 for each referral, but they have to complete 7 offers for the amount to be credited to the account. You can redeem as low as Rs.30 off with Frizza. Overall, it’s a great app and if you can do small things, it’s perfect for you.

36 Zerodha

If you want to start your investment trip online also Zerodha will be the best option for you. It comes with a really nice interface for newbies friendly. You can invest your money in stocks, IPOs, F&OS, etc. on Zerodha. 

You can download Kite by Zerodha app from Play Store and open a Demat account in Zerodha. 
You’ll have to pay a ₹ 200 Demat account opening fee. If you open your Demat account offline also you have to pay ₹ 400.

After opening a Demat account in Zerodha you’re ready to start investing online. I’ve written a blog on Zerodha. By reading that article you’ll know how to open a Demat account and start investing in Zerodha.

Zerodha Refer and Earn

  • First of all, open the Kite by Zerodha app.
  • Tap on the User ID or Profile section.
  • Scroll down and then tap on the ‘Invite Friends option.
  • Click on the ‘Share’ button.
  • Share your referral link and earn a 10% brokerage commission.

37 Real11

Real11 is a fantasy gaming app. Gautam Gambhir is the brand ambassador. It comes with a referral offer which may or may not be a good fit for you. If you refer friends you will get ₹50 cash bonus and ₹25 extra cash for each referral.

As you know you can use a 10% to 20% cash bonus just for joining one contest. But you can use 100% extra cash up to ₹500 to join the contest. This way you can hide your referral bonus in real cash.

38 Royal11

Royal11 is a new app in the fantasy market. In this app, you can play all kinds of fantasy games. You will get a 25% referral commission and a ₹300 cash bonus for a lifetime.

After completing KYC you can withdraw your earnings to Paytm Wallet and Bank Account. If you choose Paytm Withdraw and Instant Withdraw then you will have to pay some charges.

39 GameZy 

GameZy is a gaming app. Apart from fantasy games, we can play many different games on this app. I think this is the best referrer and earning app in India in 2022. You can play Fantasy, Rummy, Poker, Quiz, Ludo, and many more games in this app. If you refer friends you will get a ₹12651 cash bonus.

This bonus can be used for joining any cash contest. The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹25. You will get your withdrawal in your Paytm Wallet and Bank Account within 3 hours.

The best thing about this app is that you don’t have to pay any withdrawal charges.

40 MyFab11

Recently Sanju Samson is associated with MyFab11. He is the brand ambassador of this app. This is also a fantasy app.

If you share your invite link with your friends then you will get a 25% referral commission. All referral commissions will be credited to your winning balance. After KYC verification you can withdraw your money from ₹100 to your Paytm Wallet and Bank.

41 Shopsy

This is the official app of Flipkart. You will get cashback every time you shop with the Shopsy app. If you refer your friends then both of you will get ₹150 cashback in your wallet. They will earn ₹50 from referring and earning and ₹100 as a welcome offer.

You can use this Shopsy reward to place more orders or withdraw money from your bank. It is mandatory to add your bank account details to claim your referral bonus. You will get your referral reward only when they place their first order value above ₹300.

42 Times Prime

Those who have used the cashback offer can know about Times Prime. This is a very popular website. Here you will find many website subscription plans at very cheap prices. Times Prime also comes with referral offers. If you refer a friend you will get ₹200 cashback in your KYC-verified Paytm Wallet.

Your friends will need to enter a referral code to get the referral reward. They will get ₹200 off on entering their unique referral code to join Times Prime.

After joining, they can refer any of their friends to subscribe to Times Prime. A referral reward of ₹200 will be credited to your Paytm Wallet within 7 days.

43 Rapido Bike Booking

Rapido Bike Booking is an app that will help you book bikes, taxis, and autos. All you have to do is enter your pickup and drop location. Instantly, your booking bike, taxi, or auto will arrive at your pickup location and drop you off at your destination. Rapido’s app has the option of Wallet and Coin.

You can book your taxi, auto, or bike using the Rapido Wallet balance or UPI method. This app also comes with a referral offer.

I don’t think this is one of the best referral and earning apps in India in 2022. But because it has a referral option, therefore, you can use it. Every time you refer a new friend, you will get 50 in your wallet. 

44  Flipkart

As you all know that there is a section of Flipkart called Flipkart Pay Later. It allows us to order any product using Flipkart Pay Later and then we can pay the due amount within the next month.

This is a great option to order what you want and pay all in one go. But you need a good credit score or credit points to join. It’s not our thing. I am talking because of Flipkart Pay Later Referral Scheme. Recently, they have started a referral program where you will get a gift card voucher worth ₹150 in your account.

All you have to do is to refer your Flipkart Pay Later and earn links with friends. You will get a ₹150 gift card every time a friend approves.

Wrap up with the best refer and earn apps in India

You can download or signup on some affiliate marketing sites and start earning money by referrals. The best thing about these apps below is that you don’t need to wait for approval and you can refer any of your friends.

Once they link to your link, you will earn a commission for the lifetime of their earnings. With the help of these apps, we can earn a lot of money by doing referrals. The best part is that we can also withdraw this money from our bank account.

People also ask for

Refer and earn apps legit? 

Businesses view most referral programs as a legitimate means of promoting their business. But the user should beware of some pyramid schemes which work under the guise of a referral system. For example, suppose a system is promised a large sum of money in proportion to a person’s profit. In that case, it’s best to double-check on them.

Can I really make money this way?

It would be wrong to assume that this way the customer can earn a huge amount. Most of the time, referrals are paid a promotional amount which acts as an incentive and not as a major means of earning income. Thus, it is advisable not to depend on earnings to meet the expenses. However, these best referral and earning apps are great for supplementing your primary earnings in a fun way.

What is Earning Through Reference?

Earning through references is a marketing method that helps companies promote their products and services to potential customers. The customers here, in this case, are referred by people already on the network and act as an effective marketing tool.

Does Paytm Money have any referral offers?

As of now, Paytm Money does not have any referral offers. But you can refer friends to join Paytm Money through One code and earn ₹300 for a new referral.

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