Know about Top 10 Highest Paid Ceo in India And Became Successful 2022

India is a great country, be it amazing places, festivals, or meals, it lives with a glorious history of struggle, culture, and heritage as well as many awesomely successful entrepreneurs. Top 10 Highest Paid CEO in India who lead a lifestyle to make themselves and their company a brand.

Here, this article in Business Connect Magazine is pointing to the doors of the Top 10 CEOs worth opportunistic, and fabulously rich in India who paves the way of life in creating a brand for themselves and their company.

India is where the richest person in Asia lives. The world’s largest democratic country sums up its honor, successful, intellectual, intelligent, and enthusiastically victorious. A person’s monetary value is strictly taken as a measure of one’s victories in life.

Information about the top 10 highest-paid CEOs of India in 2022

Highest Paid CEO in India

We are all thrilled with the net worth of leading brands in the country. net worth. Much affects the remuneration of the CEO of the company.

While we may be the richest industrialist in India, today we bring you a list of the highest-paid CEOs in the country and know about the top billionaires in the world.

1. C Vijayakumar

Salary: INR 130+ Crore (FY 2022)
Company: HCL Technologies

C Vijaya kumar

Education: PSG College Of TechnologyTHE LAWRENCE SCHOOL

C Vijayakumar joined HCL Technologies, a global technology company, in 1994 and became CEO in 2016 after more than two decades and started working to take the company to greater heights.

Vijayakumar is currently known as the CEO & MD of HCL Technologies and has been working for more than 28 years with the same duration. He also serves as a board member of the US-India Business Council. In addition, he has also been appointed as the President of the IT Governors’ Community of the World Economic Forum.

Vijayakumar’s salary was last reported to be $16.52 million (Rs 130 crore) in FY22, which he received after two years of long-term incentives (LTI). This made C Vijayakumar the highest-paid Indian CEO among Indian IT firms, as reported on July 26, 2022.

2. Pawan Munjal

Salary: INR 84.59 crore (FY 2020)
Company: Hero Motocorp

Education: National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra

Pawan Munjal, Chairman, MD & CEO, Hero Moto Corp, directed the show commendably and served the places of customer need first. “A lot of hard work and a little luck, I think, can create magic,” says Mr. Pawan Munjal.

Leaving losses when they fail, but winners fail until they succeed. According to Forbes, Pawan Munjal is one of the highest-paid CEOs, who is worth $3.7 billion. Pawan Munjal ranks 2nd in the list of top 10 CEOs in India in 2022.

Under his leadership, Hero MotoCorp achieved the coveted title of the world’s No. 1 two-wheeler company in 2001 and has successfully maintained this position for 20 consecutive years now.

He has also inspired Hero MotoCorp to consolidate its leadership in the domestic market and expand its global footprint to over 40 countries across multiple continents. Dr. Munjal is a prominent member of several industry associations.

Munjal holds board seats in various Hero Group companies including Hero Future Energy, Hero Fincorp, Hero Honda Finlease, and Hero Investments.

3. Thierry Delaporte

Salary: INR 79.8 crore+ (FY 2022)
Company: Wipro

Thierry Delaporte

Thierry Delaporte is the CEO and MD of Wipro Limited. The Bangalore-headquartered Indian multinational conglomerate is one of the top IT firms in India today. Wipro is also known for its list of valuable subsidiaries. 

Delaporte has been appointed as the CEO and MD of the company in July 2020 and has been serving the role faithfully since then. The French received a compensation of Rs 79.8 crore in FY22, an increase from the earlier package of Rs 64.3 crore in FY21.

4. Salil S Parekh

Salary: INR 71.02 crore (FY22)
Company: Infosys

Patience, perseverance, and determination make an unbeatable package of victory. Mr. Salil Parekh is one of the successful leaders who have taken the organization to the next level. The proud IT company is moving ahead with its amazing timing and idea of approx INR 49 Crore. Salil Parekh ranked 4th in the list of top 10 CEOs in India in 2022.

According to Infosys’ annual report for 2020-21, while his basic salary was Rs 5.69 crore, the retirement benefit came in at Rs 38 lakh, resulting in a total salary of Rs 6.07 crore. His bonus incentive or variable pay stood at Rs 12.62 crore and ‘the prerequisite on account of the exercise of stock options stood at Rs 30.99 crore.

However, the disparity between CEO salaries and employees’ average remuneration (MRE) widened over the year, even as the growth rate of average pay decreased. The MRE in Infosys stood at Rs 7,21,314 crore in 2020-21, which is 5.62 percent higher than the MRE of Rs 682,906 crore in 2019-20. However, in 2019-20, the year-on-year growth in MRE was 10 percent, which indicates that the average wage growth rate fell in 2020-21.

5. Naveen Jindal

Salary: INR 70 crore+ (2012)
Company: Jindal Group

Naveen Jindal

An industrialist and an MP in the 14th and 15th Lok Sabha, Naveen Zinda is the chairman of the Jindal Group. The youngest son of the late Mr. Om Prakash Jindal has been so influential that as a result of his support for his alma mater, UT Dallas, the university renamed its management school the Naveen Jindal School of Management in 2011.

Naveen is active in the 2004 South Asian Federation Games, captaining the silver medal-winning Indian shooting team. He has taken Jindal Steel & Power Limited to new heights, and many power plants are being set up under his leadership.

Naveen Jindal’s contribution is more than what he has done for the company. Jindal is indeed a powerful reason why we can now fly our national flag 365 days a year. Yes, the Supreme Court of India on 23 January 2004 ruled in favor of Naveen Jindal, who was a Lok Sabha member, then every Indian would be allowed to fly the flag of India as per their fundamental right.

all days of the year. This eventually inspired Jindal and his wife, Ms. Shalu Jindal, to set up the Flag Foundation of India. Naveen Jindal’s salary was last reported to be more than Rs 70 crore in FY 2012.

6. C P Gurnani

Salary: INR 63.4 crore (FY 2022)
Company: Tech Mahindra

C P Gurnani

The MD and CEO of Tech Mahindra led the merger of Mahindra Satyam with Tech Mahindra. He was also the chairman of NASSCOM for a year in 2016. CP Gurnani has been a part of many big shots like HCL Corporation and Perot Systems.

He was E&Y’s Entrepreneur of the Year and CNBC Asia’s ‘India Business Leader of the Year in 2013. On more than one occasion, CP Gurnani’s earnings were recorded to be around Rs 165 crore. CP Gurnani’s salary stood at Rs 63.4 crore in FY22 after his compensation was hiked by 189%.

7. Natarajan Chandrasekaran

Salary: INR 58 Crore (FY 2020)
Company: TATA Group

Natarajan Chandrasekaran

Even though he is a former CEO, his name should be on this list to demonstrate what a true Chief X Officer is! Voted as the ‘Best CEO’ for five years in a row by Institutional Investor’s annual All-Asia Executive Team Rankings, 2014 was voted ‘Best CEO’ by Business Today for the second year in a row.

The current chairman of the Tata Group, N. Chandrasekaran was the CEO of Tata Consultancy Services apart from being the Chairman of Tata Motors and Tata Global Beverages. The first non-Parsi to head the Tata Group, he is credited with driving TCS to a market capitalization of over $70 billion.

The company has also achieved the distinction of becoming the largest private-sector employer in India under his guidance. Chandrasekaran is an avid marathon runner who has participated in marathons across the world. Natarajan Chandrasekaran got the last salary of Rs 58 crore in the financial year 2020.

8. Rajiv Bajaj

Salary: INR 39.86 Crore (FY 2020)
Company: Bajaj Auto

Rajiv Bajaj

Rajiv Bajaj assumed the position of CEO of Bajaj Auto in 2005. He was re-appointed as MD & CEO of India’s renowned motorcycle manufacturing company in 2020.

He makes the company one of the strongest in the country with his leadership. And since then it has never looked back. He transformed the two-wheeler industry of India by introducing the Pulsar range of motorcycles.

In 2017, he was ranked 42nd on the list of 50 Most Powerful People in India by India Today. In 2020, he is said to receive INR 39.86 Crores as his salary.

9. Saugata Gupta

Salary: INR 36.1 Crore (FY 2022)
Company: Marico Limited

Saugata Gupta

Marico Limited is a multinational consumer goods company in India and Saugata Gupta has been serving as the CEO of Marico since 2013. He joined the company in 2004 as the Head of Marketing.

Saugat is one of the key faces responsible for the success of the company in India and internationally. His salary in 2017 was recorded at Rs 16.5 crore. Gupta’s salary increased by 157% from Rs 14.02 crore (FY21) to Rs 36.1 crore in FY22.

Thus Saugat became the highest-paid CEO in the FMCG segment in FY 2012.

10. Om Prakash Manchanda

Salary: INR 33.20+ crore (FY 2022)
Company: Dr. Lal PathLabs Pvt. Ltd

Om Prakash Manchanda

CEO of Dr. Lal Path Labs Pvt Ltd. Ltd. is with Diagnostic Service Provider since 2005. He was part of the team at the company responsible for venturing into Ranbaxy’s healthcare division.

Om, as he is fondly called, has a bachelor’s degree in veterinary science and a PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad. Om Manchanda’s salary was last reported to be over Rs 33.20 crore in FY22.


What is the highest salary of a CEO in India?

Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani. In the list of highest-paid CEOs of India, Mr. Ambani placed in the list holding 44.7% of the stake in the company worth almost a salary of 15 crores per annum as the leader has created the space of Reliance Industries Ltd on the red-carpet glory.

Why are CEOs paid so much?

Typically, CEOs get a base salary, but most of their compensation comes from Performance-related bonuses and stock options set prices.  that allow executives to buy company shares for a set price. And CEOs’ successful performance makes their company more valuable at the end of the day, according to some experts.

Who is the No 1 CEO in India?

Mukesh Ambani is ranked 1st in the list of top 10 CEO in India and the top 10 highest-paid CEO in India.

Who is the CEO of Airtel?

Sunil Bharti Mittal, Chairman, and Mr. Gopal Vittal, MD & CEO (India and South Asia) are two executive directors on the board is 50% of the total board strength.

How much a CEO earns in India?

How much does a CEO make in India? The average CEO salary in India is ₹31,188,997 as of March 18, 2021, but the range typically falls between ₹15,447,910 and ₹62,961,228.

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