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Hostinger plans start at just $0.89 per month. We deliver on our promise by continually updating server technology, improving customer support, and fine-tuning our home-designed cPanel.

We are here to launch your mission online, Since its inception in 2011, Hostinger has been on a mission to offer hosting services that make life easier for developers and their customers.

Whether you’re creating a new home on the web or looking for an upgrade on your current underage hosting provider, we’ve put together a comprehensive review of Hostinger to help you make your decision.

An exemplary web hosting service is the key to a successful website, and we want to help you make the right decision. So, we did some of our diggings to determine if Hostinger is as good as people say it is.

Moreover, it is also the most economical option. . That is something you would like to take advantage of.

What we love most about Hostinger’s low price is that it doesn’t necessarily mean that your service will be cheap.

We researched, reviewed, and analyzed different types of web hosting services and narrow down our list. What did we find?

Compare Hostinger with the Best Web Hosting Services

hostinger review

We found Hostinger to be so great that we awarded them the top spot on our list of favorite web hosting services. Why is Hostinger number one on our list? Because it provides the best service for most people- meaning it works for a variety of people looking to build a website.

The platform is a solid competitor to the others on our list that have much higher prices. While Hostinger is our preferred web hosting service, it is one of many different hosting options that may be more suitable for your specific needs.

Whether you have a small business, a large company, a tight budget, or a real need for speed, we have something on our list for you. Check out our top picks here, do some reading, and decide which one is right for you.

Why Hostinger is Good or Bad

Like any product on the market, choosing Hostinger as the web host for your website has its advantages and disadvantages. We want to state some of the key elements that work in Hostinger’s favor and some potential drawbacks, so you get the full story as to whether they’re the best option for you.

Good thing is

  • Get a Free Domain: You need a domain to go with your hosting, and while you can buy your domain and your hosting from different companies, it’s nice when you can have everything in one place.
  • Free Website Builder: Hostinger’s partnership with Zyro gives you free access to one of the better website builders with its plan.
  • Simple to get started: What we love about Hostinger is how easy it is for users to get started when we test our hosting products. With a clean interface, guided setup, and a dashboard that makes it easy for first-timers, you don’t need to take an entire class to use it.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Not happy with your Hostinger purchase? No problem. You have 30 days to try it out and get your money back if your experience isn’t what you were hoping for.

Superbly Affordable Not only do you get blazing-fast site speeds on a Hostinger plan, but those plans come at some of the most competitive price points.

Shared hosting starts as low as $1.99 per month for a single site, with plans that support multiple sites or allocate more resources than $2.99 ​​per month. WordPress and VPS hosting don’t require much investment, either, starting at $1.99 and $3.95 per month respectively.

However, if you don’t want to commit to four years right off the bat, Hostinger has generously priced the premium shared hosting plan for the best for one-year commitments.

That means you can pay just $38.61 today and snag Hostinger’s most popular shared hosting package, which comes with a free custom domain, for a full year.

However, be sure to note that redemption fees, domain name renewal, and privacy protections aren’t the only part of the 30-day money-back guarantee, so keep it in the back of your head.

Otherwise, hosting, domain transfers, and SSL certificates are all refundable within 30 days of purchase.

Fast Load Times It is no secret that loading time is very important for your site. If a visitor comes to your website and has to wait for things to load, they won’t stick around. Not many people are willing to wait more than a few seconds for a site to load.

That’s why we love that Hostinger offers quick hosting speeds. And we’re not going to shy away from what they tell everyone on our webpage copy, we’ve tested them for shared hosting, VPS hosting, and WordPress hosting.

It’s surprisingly faster and better than every other hosting provider we’ve tested in those categories. Hostinger has servers not only in the USA but also in Asia and the UK, to help keep overall loading times quick, no matter where you or your visitors are.

And Hostinger delivers For each of those hosting types, we put a test site through FreshPing for a full month. Each one averages well under one-second load times with Hostinger’s VPS and WordPress hosting averaging around 470 milliseconds.

Zyro’s easy-to-use builder is great for whipping up a company website, but you can also build a fully functional online store with it.

Start with one of over 100 templates or drag and drop your way from scratch to a beautiful home on the web. Either way, you get a site builder for free with Hostinger that doesn’t sacrifice any customizability.

And while it’s easy, they didn’t skimp on powerful tools and reliable servers. Seamless usage continues when you build a site right after you sign up for Hostinger and set up your hosting plan.

Let Hostinger’s wizard walk you through each step. You’ll be amazed by how quickly it results in a fully functional website for you.

Bad things are

  • No Phone Support: Sometimes you need a real human on the phone to get help with a problem, and unfortunately Hostinger doesn’t offer that option. The only way to contact customer support is via live chat, which is nice, but not the same thing as a phone call to walk you through possibly frustrating things.
  • Spotty Uptime on Shared and WordPress Hosting: Speed ​​and uptime are two aspects of web hosting quality coin. While speed is related to how quickly your pages load for visitors, uptime is a measure of a server’s reliability. Hosting servers can go down for a variety of reasons, from planned maintenance to unforeseen errors.
  • Features Missing on Budget Plans: While not a dealbreaker for everyone, Hostinger’s entry-level plans are missing some of the useful features we’ve seen on comparable ones from their competitors. The most notable case is with their WordPress hosting, which does not include a content delivery network (CDN) and automatic daily backups on the two cheaper plans (Single and Starter).

Hostinger’s low-octane plans haven’t performed very well compared to their peers. With their shared hosting and WordPress hosting, we have seen a lot of downtime in the ballpark of one to two hours per month. That’s about one full day per year that your website will not be available to visitors.

Luckily, we’ve seen vast improvements when testing their great hosting offerings. Hostinger’s VPS hosting turned in just 17 seconds of total downtime when we tested it in late 2021.

Make sure to check out the full feature set for the hosting plan you are considering. You may have to pay for a higher level to make sure you’re getting all the features and equipment you need.

Hostinger Pricing options

Hostinger has many different packages for you to choose from. Each one offers unique items that are suitable for specific needs. There is no free plan available with Hostinger, but the single shared hosting plan is so cheap that it almost seems free. This is a great place to start.


Single Web Hosting

Hostinger’s most basic plan is part of shared web hosting offerings, meaning your website exists on a single server along with other websites. This is great for those who don’t have the budget for expensive web hosting, as the cost of the server is split among many others.

However, the bad thing about this is that the site speed can be compromised as many other people are using the same server. However, if you’re just getting started with a website, the Singles plan gives you what you need to get the ball rolling.

The price of a single plan starts at $0.89/month with a 48-month commitment and goes up to $4.49/month if you sign up for a monthly commitment. In this plan, you get 1 website, 30 GB SSD storage, 100 GB bandwidth, 10 GB solid-state storage, a free SSL certificate, 1 email account, and more.

Premium Web Hosting

Hostinger’s next tier, Premium, offers everything that Single does as well as some extra bonuses, including free domain registration (for the first year only), unlimited bandwidth, up to 100 websites, 100GB SSD Storage, including up to 100 email accounts even more.

Prices start at $1.92/month with a 48-month commitment, up to $5.91/month for a monthly commitment. Hostinger Checkout Page for Premium Shared Hosting

Business Hosting

If you’re looking to level up your plan, Hostinger’s business option may be right for you. With this plan, you get everything included in the premium plan, plus daily backups, 4x the processing power, 200GB SSD storage, and more. Pricing for the Business plan starts at $3.59/month for 48 months and goes up to $8.35/month for a monthly commitment.

cloud hosting


If you are considering cloud hosting versus traditional shared hosting, take a look at Hostinger’s offerings. Not sure what cloud hosting is? we’ve got you covered. How cloud hosting differs is that instead of hosting your site on a server, it is hosted in the cloud, which allows for greater flexibility and easier scalability.

Cloud hosting plans start at $10.28/month for 48 months with a startup. This is a great start. If you’re looking for something else, Hostinger’s recommended cloud plan is Professional, starting at $19.29/month for 48 months. And if you still need more than that, the Global plan might be what you’re looking for and will cost you $65.63/month for 48 months.

The huge jump in price from the Professional to the Global plan is due to some features, which include 4x the speed of the Startup plan, 16GB RAM, 8 CPU cores, and more.

VPS Hosting

Hostinger VPS-Hosting

If you want to make waves with your business website, then VPS hosting may be right for you. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and it means that you have your server as opposed to sharing it with other users.

Hostinger offers six different VPS hosting plans, starting at $3.95/month for 48 months. That price point gets you 3GB of RAM, 60GB of storage, and 3TB of bandwidth. The plans offer a few more features than before and get you up to a VPS 6 plan that includes 8GB of RAM, 160GB of storage, and 8TB of bandwidth. This will set you back $38.99/month for 48 months.

Minecraft server hosting


Hostinger offers a unique hosting service that many of its competitors do not: Minecraft hosting geared toward gamers. This hosting starts at $8.95/month for 48 months and offers plans going up to $29.95/month for 48 months.

With this service, you can install your game mods, among many other things. When it comes to hosting, Hostinger has no shortage of options.

They also offer WordPress hosting, which is a top choice for many people building websites. Hostinger has hosted for everyone, so read some more to see which is the ideal plan for your needs.

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