Time waits for no one, use it wisely. Society celebrates with smart people. Everyone craves intelligence. Of all personality traits, intelligence is the most acclaimed and useful tool. Anything of so-called value, we want it. Most people want to know how to be smart. Our existence depends on good decisions.

Smart people who open the door to new understanding receive the greatest appreciation moments of genius change the course of history. He gets the greatest praise when we all want to stand up and say, “I have an answer to this.

Intelligence just makes life easier. Beyond the dream of elevating humanity to a golden age and getting all the credit and smart people to find things easier. Intelligence lets you solve problems faster, work less and make more money. Contributes to

Intelligence just makes life easier Beyond the dream of elevating humanity to a golden age and getting all the credit and smart people to find things easier. Intelligence lets you solve problems faster and work less and make more money.

How can you become more intelligent? First of all, just forget about people who are born smart. It’s just a matter of how science has shown that you can grow brain cells and be smarter.

Can I change some daily habits to become more intelligent? Here are 10 rules that can change daily habits

Manage your time wisely

It is easy to get distracted by 2021. Online you just wanted to check your email and all of a sudden you go four pages deep on the “Breaking Bad” forum, then you watch the final season again. Time well spent Wandering you’re online will not let you get better.

Make a list of your priorities and deal with them in order of importance, take time in your projects and keep your phone off during the evenings and weekends.

Your coworkers and boss will try to contact you but give you time to discourage your work. The German automotive giant adopted a firm policy of never contacting off-work employees.

If you get any backlash, make the same argument as Volkswagen. The argument cites the importance of separating work and home life. Turn off your phone Make a list and take a break Don’t get lost online You will manage your time better and become more intelligent faster

Do different things that make you smarter

The point of this list is to spend time on your different types of tasks. Spend 30 minutes on one task and go to another task. This not only saves you from boredom, but it is also an important rest period for you to heal your brain. Can remedy this

Your brain breaks. The main way to increase your intelligence is to flex different areas of your brain. In a gym, you go to different machines to give your body a full workout. More muscle groups leave you tense and tired.

Muscles increase mass while resting. Your brain works in the same way. Appearing restlessly, you set your mind to solve problems. This Eureka moment, blinding you with blue

One study proves that by taking a break, your chances of reaching success improve significantly. That’s why it’s important to change what you’re doing to rest. Keep your brain in mind, don’t overwhelm yourself.

Play brain games

They can’t beat your game console. Many apps claim to boost your IQ through simple and fun games. Those game companies say that by playing games developed by neuroscientists, you will reap the benefits of their research.

People love brain games so much whether they work or not, these programs get a lot of attention. The Lumosity website offers a range of brain games used by 50 million brain trainers. Surely not all of them can waste their time.

Brain Games as a way to increase fluid intelligence. It applies itself to problem-solving skills extending from sports to real-life situations. Of course, you’d be better at sports if you kept playing them but your developed talents could be improved in other areas Must be comprehensive to include

One study proved that a game called Dual N-Back showed that fluid intelligence developed in participants. The Dual N-Back received a lot of praise from its users. Essentially, it serves as a memory retention game.

Scientists cannot replicate test results. This has led to doubts over the controls used in the original study. Despite the doubt, research on the advantages of brain games remains an exciting field for neuroscience.

If you like brain games, play them! Keep an open mind – they can probably make you smarter.

Get regular exercise

People who exercise in the gym usually don’t look like Einstein but daily exercise really makes you smart Including heart exercises in your routine will increase your mental clarity and intelligence.

There is an old saying. “healthy mind, healthy body” scientific support in this aphrodisiac is amazing. Getting more blood and oxygen into your brain does wonder for cognitive health, Not only does the biological aspect play a role, but multitasking also stimulates many areas of the brain while exercising, Concordia University research claims on this

Put on a mind-bending science podcast and start doing that elliptical work. Feel free to grunt.

how to be smart, Do meditate

Daily meditation practice can increase your concentration, alertness, creativity, and intelligence. Many studies show a direct connection between meditation and increased brain activity. Major university researchers claim that meditation benefits the brain.

  • UCLA produced a study focusing on long-term studies with better preserved gray matter, resulting in healthier brains for older participants.
  • University Yale demonstrated that meditation reduces day-to-day life. Meditation reduces depression, pain, and anxiety.
  • Focused on brain development in the hippocampus and increased memory and learning
  • Longer investigations into the effects of mediation on the brain have yielded positive results
  • Sit comfortably in a room that is a little noisy or distracting. The straight back chair works fine.
  • Set a timer on your phone. Keep your eyes open or closed at any time – it’s your choice, breathe normally, but pay attention to your breathing

Most people feel that meditation clears your mind but it does not always happen. At this point, many options present themselves. The total absence of thought for beginners will not come naturally. Feel free to try. But don’t be disappointed when the dear thought comes to your mind – it’s going to happen.

The method of mediation for beginners includes a mantra. A mantra is a nonsense word or phrase that you repeat to yourself, silently. Mantra can play anything. You can make it, or use a classic mantra like “Om Shanti”.

Power includes the meaninglessness of the phrase to distract you from the words. If an angry thought enters your mantra, do not abandon the mantra. Instead, accept the idea, direct it, and focus on the mantra.

Results may vary. Try methods of different concentration and techniques.
See what works for you. The following research proves that meditation will improve your intelligence, memory, and brain functionality.

Start with mantra meditation ten minutes a day and feel the difference.

Food for the brain, eat smart

Why not power your intelligence with brain-booster superfoods. Some foods have brain-boosting properties. No need to order any food online. The best foods are on the shelves of your local grocery store. The best foods in brain function contain high amounts of fat. Historically, fat has a poor reputation.

People believe that eating fat makes you fat. Some fats negatively affect your body, But not all foods contain trans fats. Trans fats contribute to high cholesterol, inflammation, diabetes, stroke, and other health problems.

Choose foods high in monounsaturated fats such as fish or nuts instead of trans-fat-rich things like potato chips. Your brain will thank you. The human brain contains 60 percent fat. Don’t feel embarrassed about your chubby brain.

Renowned scientist Bill Nee suggested in the 1990s, the next time someone calls you a father, you should take it as a compliment, the brain needs fat to run properly, about 2 percent of our body weight, The brain sucks 20 percent of our energy. Do not keep this fuel hog hungry.

Avocados: To keep your mind in peak condition, choose the food that will speed up your mind.
Avocados constitute a high-octane brain snack and offer fat in four doses with 77 percent of its calories coming from fat. Provides an excellent source of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid also found in olive oil.

Salmon: This delicious fish provides a different type of brain-loving fat – omega-3 fatty acids. This vital fat provides the physical architecture of 66 percent of your brain. It provides the main structural component of the membranes of your brain’s neuron cells. Facilitates rapid-fire neural transmission that occurs between neurons that produce thoughts. In addition, our bodies do not manufacture omega-3s, so you need to consume them.

Nuts: A delicious snack full of mind goodness, seeds, and nuts provides a variety of valuable assets. With more omega-3s than salmon, flaxseeds, flaxseed oil, and walnuts, they pack a punch. Almonds and hazelnuts are vitamin E champions. Essential for cognitive function, vitamin E improves memory and oral functions. Pack some nuts in your granola bar, salad, or trail mix: They contain tons of protein, which are also valuable for brain health and endurance throughout the day.