How to Make Money While Studying (29 Easy Ways)

The best way to do what you want is to be financially independent. To do this, you need to do extra work in the little time you have left after class and homework. So, here we provide some simple and easy ways to make money in college.

The best way to do what you want is to be financially independent. And to do that, you need to do extra work in the little time you have left after attending classes and completing assignments.

So, here we are providing you with some easy ways to earn money in college

Why do students need to make money while studying

Students all over the world need to earn money while studying. Its importance has been strongly felt with the increased expenditure over the years. The world is changing, and so are the people. There was a time when completing high school and a bachelor’s degree in college was enough.

But nowadays, a degree is the mere criterion to get a good-paying job. Require employees to be more experienced in the outside world of their college. They want students to be ahead of their time. The most ordinary skills by employers are communication skills. 

And the extra exposure for the students plays a big part in this. According to a survey, students who work in college are better able to adapt to new situations. They can deal with things better. They can communicate better, and Networking as a student becomes more helpful. 

Apart from all these, learning new technical or non-technical skills is another advantage. A student learns the value of money. Also learns money management from a very young age. Having cash for their extra expenses is just the cherry on top. 

So if you are a student studying this, then take this chance to earn money online.

How to Make Money While Studying

29 Ways to earn money while studying

A student must earn money while studying. As a student, it not only helps oneself to achieve quickly but also teaches money management. It took a lot of work to earn money online in previous years. 

However, with the popularity and easy accessibility of the Internet, it has become easier for students. The scope of making money online in India is enormous. But unfortunately, most people do not know about them. Students nowadays can try various non-traditional methods. 

These methods help students to earn money online in India and make sure to complete their studies.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method in which companies and people reach their products through people. They promote a traceable web link on their websites, social media sites, blogs, etc.

The person involved paid according to the number of sales of the product through the web link.

Students can apply for this on sites like Flipkart, Ajio, Amazon, Myntra, etc. They all have an option called “Affiliate”.

Sign up as an affiliate and get access to every product available. And you are done. You will get a commission on each sale through your web link.

2. Vlogging

Some people are good at learning, while some have good oratory skills, but if you love to write and are good at it, this option is best suited for you.

Whoever thought that expressing yourself can be a good source of income if you think you are good at it, then how to earn money for students is your first option.

With vlogging, you don’t need expensive equipment, you may need a smartphone or an affordable camera, but smartphones can do the job. And some basic knowledge of editing, but these days you have apps that can do half the work for you.

You can start your vlogging career with YouTube and earn money by posting related ads on your videos or through some sponsored content.

3. Blogging

Writing a blog can also be used as a passive income-generating stream. You can create your blog with a click of a few buttons using popular forums like Blogger, WordPress, etc. These forums can help you to write/post a blog.

To become a blogger, you need basic computer skills and start earning by setting up. Open a Google AdSense account in which ads appear on Blogger’s website.

To create a blog, you first need to find the target audience willing to read your blog; once you decide whom to target, the need arises for a WordPress domain, which caters for forums like bloggers.

We can freely host on these forums, and then you can start blogging once you write around 30-40 articles, from which you can expect a good amount of traffic. This option is time-consuming but worth the wait and the best for earning.

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4. Start Freelancing

This job can be a great answer to the question of how to make money in India for students. It is beneficial regarding time flexibility as one can work on their schedule. You must register on Fiverr, Freelancer, People per hour, Upwork, etc.

It will be your virtual workspace where you can easily create your account for free and start earning quickly.

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5. Online sales

Online selling is a practical option for those who want to earn money online and is one of the most accessible options. In this option, a person engages in e-commerce to sell goods and services to the end user. They are commonly known as customers.

What is online selling?

The most practical way of selling online is through e-commerce marketplaces. The word sounds heavy, but it is not; it is so simple that even a child can establish his own business.

An E-commerce marketplace includes a person selling their products or services on e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, and many other third-party sellers.

Setting up an online sales business is fast and very simple. You need to register as a retailer with those third-party e-commerce websites discussed earlier, and boom, you are ready to get such customers.

Are willing who are interested in purchasing the products or services you produce.

6. Dropshipping

Here is another best and easy option compared to the abovementioned option, which can help you earn money online. The alternative is known as drop shipping. In this option where the store does not directly carry the product in its place.

Like warehouses where products are in bulk. But instead, the store buys and sells that product from a third party.

You can send it directly to the consumer. Also, the retailer is not concerned about the product’s quality or operation in this business option. It is one of the best practical options to earn online.

You may need a Shopify account, a website, and a supplier; you can contact multiple suppliers. And the Shopify account handles the rest.

7. Join an Internship

It is the most obvious one on the list. An internship not only gives you some extra money but also helps you develop skills and gain the experience you need to get an excellent job. You can sign up to Internshala to find paid internships in your area of ​​interest.

8. Be an Airtasker

If completing a wide range of odd jobs sounds like an exciting way to work, join Airtasker. Jobs include hanging a painting, washing a car, designing a website, or helping someone take it home. Sign up and browse the listed functions. 

You can choose a one-time task to complete at your convenience or multiple charges depending on your location and skills. The advantage is that you can choose jobs that are conducive to study and other commitments, so you can work as much as you want.

9. Listening to Songs and Creating Playlists

What to say?! Yes, you read it right. You can earn good money by listening to music. There are a lot of websites that pay you to listen to your favorite songs and create playlists.

One such website is Musicgateway, where you can earn good money by listening to music and curating playlists.

Do not think of it as the primary means of making money but as a good passive source of income without putting too much effort.

10. Social media designer

Do you like to play with new crafts and designs? Well, this option can be the one who understands what exactly designing is. This option can help you figure out how to make money for students. You can earn money online without any hassle.

Plus, up to ₹3000 for 15 posts your design, i.e. you earn around ₹200 per post, perfect. I also did not believe it initially, but this option is valid.

You must register as a curator on websites like Dribbble or ping various social media pages. People are contacted on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. The rest of your work is just creating online posts and thumbnails.

In the beginning, you can use apps like Canva to create posts and later switch to heavy elements creating software like Adobe Illustrator, Vectornator, Photoshop, etc.

11. Manage Social Media for a Small Business

Although social media has become a prominent feature in many organizations, many small businesses need more time or knowledge to successfully manage their social media accounts.

Contact a local company and offer to post on Facebook and Instagram for them, as well as respond to comments, messages, and more. You can negotiate a contracted monthly fee and be all set.

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12. Tap into Your Natural Talents

It can be a cooking, makeup, style, or artistic flair. Tapping something you’re naturally good at can be a great favor – and you’ll enjoy doing it, too. You can teach classes at Laneway Learning, work as a freelance makeup artist or stylist, or commission some of your art by promoting yourself and your services on social media.

If you’re willing to spend a little of your free time, this is a great way to make some quick cash. You can also bring your talent to YouTube and monetize it through ads, but you have to work hard first to build an engaged audience and make it worthwhile for advertisers to use your video.

13. Content Creation

You can take your teaching a step further and start creating content around topics you are good at and make them available online. You don’t have to limit yourself to creating content around your subjects;

you can choose any area of ​​interest. Sure, it won’t give you instant money-making opportunities, but it will help you build a community, and once you have a real community, you can monetize it and start making money. Huh.

14. Be a Playtester and Play Video Games Online

A playtester is a desirable option if you like to play video games. Websites like Playtestcloud offer $9 for a 15-minute trial and survey. Even companies like EA are looking for playtesters; all you have to do is sign up and, if selected, play the game and give feedback.

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15. Go Undercover to Make Money

Large and small businesses are always looking for mysterious buyers to evaluate the service and quality of their stores. The job involves making a purchase – typically in retail or hospitality – and then reporting on the experience.

You can get associated with an agency if you have good oral and written communication skills, a good memory, and reliability. If you are an avid buyer, this is a unique way to make money!

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16. Sell Online Courses

One way to monetize the community you build through content creation is to create and sell courses in your area of ​​expertise. The most important thing to ensure is that you provide value to your customers.

If you can show people the value you are providing, you can sell your courses to them and make good money.

17. Clock Up Kilometers and Cash

With a good set of wheels and a full license, you can make extra money as a driver for Uber or Ola. It’s easy to register, and you can drive at any time. Being your boss has its advantages.

No one is looking over your shoulder, and you can decide whom you pick up and when to call it a day.
To maximize your income, drive your car when prices rise during high-demand times like Saturday nights.

18. Review Websites and Apps

It’s the online equivalent of a mystery shopper — platforms like UserTesting and Enroll will ask you to browse websites and apps, complete tasks, and record your thoughts as you navigate. For your efforts, they charge a small fee to your PayPal account for each review you complete.

You probably won’t make a living from it, but if you have 20 minutes to spare in your day, it’s an easy way to earn some extra cash.

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19. Delivering food

If you’re too young to drive for Uber but still interested in controlling your work schedule, delivering takeaway meals for a company like UberEats, Deliveroo, or DoorDash may be the right choice.

You can start at age 18 and don’t need to own a car; a bicycle or motorcycle will do, even if you’re still on your probationary motorcycle license. If you cycle, you’ll get the bonus of exercise while you work out.

20. Sell Your Notes

If you are someone who always has all the class notes with you, then you eventually become the most famous person as the exam approaches.

Why limit your note-taking skills to a few people around you? Turn your notes into eBooks, and the hard work you put into making notes helps you earn money.

21. Provide Solutions

There is a website called Chegg which pays you to solve theoretical questions. It is an education platform where students ask their doubts, and you get paid for providing step-by-step solutions to those questions.

22. Write and Publish an eBook

It sounds like a tremendous feat, but the reality is that now anyone can publish an eBook – and if you have a great idea and some solid writing skills, you can make some decent money out of it. Consider writing a long-term project to put your book away in your spare time.

But, once it’s published, you’ll get a passive income as long as it sells out, and you won’t have to point a finger.

23. Get a High-Yield Savings Account

Speaking of passive income, if you’re lucky enough to have some cash in the bank already, one of the safest (and easiest) ways to earn money is to save money you’ve already saved.

To offer higher interest rates.

24. Use Your Eyes to Style

If you like to hunt for bargains and have an eye for style and trends, consider becoming a clothing seller on eBay or the Facebook Marketplace. Keep a frugal eye in the op-shop for good brands and on-trend items, and then sell the pieces you collect for more than you paid for them.

The only downside is that sometimes the buyer doesn’t go through with the purchase, so it’s best to be patient.

25. Become a Tutor

If you are in college, there will be some subjects you are good at. You can start teaching your peers or even school-going kids and earn good money as you continue your college studies. You can help people learn new skills, and in return, you can also make.

The best example of such tools is because you can help as an expert in business strategies, engineering, science, maths, etc. Each topic has its sub-branch this way. You Can help other students learn. Plus, you can earn up to ₹500 per lesson in return.

These websites not only help you to teach but also help you to know. Thus, It can be considered an option to earn money online when you are learning the same language, and you can benefit as well as others by practicing it.

26. Data entry

A data entry job is the best job sitting at home and earning extra bucks for students. It only requires precision and some qualitative skills. Usually, you receive an email or a link to the data and its source.

You give a set of instructions. And all you have to do is follow the instructions and do the required work.

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27. Become Translator

A translator is a person who translates various documents, letters, subtitles, emails, or files into another language. Many companies pay a substantial amount for this work. They want to hire young people who can translate their documents and make their jobs easier.

They are willing to pay you for it. So if you are bilingual or studying a different language in your college or school, you should try it.

However, you should be aware of fraudulent sites that may cheat you by not paying you. Only accept work requiring a registration fee if most thesis-type jobs are fraudulent.

28. Become a content writer

In this option, you can earn money online by writing your novels on platforms like Wattpad and publishing them as e-books. For all the rest, you have to generate some level of pre-orders so that You have to create some status of pre-order to buy your right.

And later, you can make a profit of around ₹100 per eBook sold to the readers. You can also write content for companies and earn up to ₹500 per article you write.

29. Search local jobs

You can also look for local jobs for college students in your area, like typing, ordering and organizing things, cleaning, etc. Local newspapers are the best source for finding one. But if you have the confidence to ask about the available positions, it can be an opener for jobs.

In the beginning, it can be a difficult one that is decent, but with experience, you may find one that helps you handle your student expenses.

Wrapping up: How to Make Money While Studying

Anyone can get a job, but the level of job satisfaction it gives is significantly less. You need to invest in yourself by taking courses and having experience making things work. It will not only increase your confidence, but your ability will also increase.

These options can help you learn how to earn money online for students with the flexibility to work in their spare time. So, a student should always try something new to enhance their skills and improve their personality.

With the increasing penetration of the Internet, it has become effortless for a student to earn money online.

So students must take advantage of this bundle of opportunities presented before them. It will only help them with their present and prospects. You can either choose to do nothing in college or decide to have new experiences.

Trying new things and engaging in your interests and talents will always be a plus point for your career. It will nurture your personality, psychic abilities, and skills.

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