How to Make Money with Telegram Channel in 2022 (10+ methods)

How to Make Money with Telegram Channel, Making money with the telegram channel is the best opportunity right now, Telegram is one of the fastest-growing social platforms and messengers right now. It has over 400 million active users worldwide in 2020 (especially in India, Africa, and Russia).

About 700,000 users join Telegram every month! Messenger’s audience is growing, as well as the number of users of Telegram channels, groups, and bots.

As a result, it becomes one of the biggest platforms to earn money online. People all over the world create Telegram communities (channels and groups) and monetize them online. The Most Successful Business On Telegram Makes Up To $10,000 Per Month!

How to Make Money with Telegram Channel

What is Telegram?

Telegram is an open-source messenger. For now, it is the only popular messenger that guarantees the security and privacy of users and their data. For this reason, the app includes Secret Chats – encrypted messages that cannot be accessed or forwarded by other people.

If one of the two people takes a screenshot of a chat using the Screenshot Chrome extension, the other will be notified. Other features of Telegram are Channel and Group Create Community, Free stickers that can be easily created by Telegram users too, Media Sharing (You can share files of any size there, no limit!), Voice Calls, and Video and audio messages.

Telegram was launched in 2013 by the team of Pavel Durok who was famous for creating the Russian analog of Facebook – VK. Telegram is one of the apps with millions of user data that is not acquired by any third party.

Messenger is most popular in Russia, Uzbekistan, Europe, India, Iran, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, and some other countries in Africa and Asia. It is the fastest growing messenger app outside WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

  • Download the Telegram app to your device. The app is available on the Apple Store for iOS or Google Play for Android devices.
  • Launch the app and tap on Start Messaging.
  • enter your phone number. Telegram will send you a text message with a code to verify your number.
  • Enter the code in the app and tap Next or the blue arrow.
  • Enter your name. If preferred, add a profile picture. When done, tap Next.
  • Telegram will ask for your permission to access your contacts and call log and to make and receive calls using your phone. You can restrict these permissions as you see fit.

What is Telegram Channel?

Telegram channel is a tool to create themed groups in Telegram and broadcast any content to subscribers. Telegram channel is similar to a Facebook group in its concept.

There you can share any content – posts, text, pictures, special offers, etc. The only difference is that users cannot publish their content or messages on the channel. All publications can only be done by the administrator, it is a one-way broadcast tool.

But customers can view your posts (you can see how many of them have viewed each post), participate in polls, and click on links.

What is Telegram Group?

Telegram Groups is a tool to connect with customers. It is a group chat where you can exchange messages with the members. It is the same as WhatsApp groups. Groups are difficult to use for content transmission due to their chaotic nature of groups (many people can send messages at the same time).

The good thing about groups is that it is possible to receive user-generated content and feedback from customers or users. In short, Telegram channels are used for sharing content, and Telegram groups – are for chatting with users.

How to get the most out of your Telegram channel?

Here are some valuable tips to get the most out of your Telegram channel while monetizing it.

1 find niche

There are a few hundred Telegram channels and it is difficult to attract the same audience as the bigger channels. Don’t just make a general channel about movies, for example, find out about comedy movies in India. Research keywords, and check out other Telegram channels to find an opportunity to stand out from the competition.

2 Set up a simple and clean logo

Seriously, this is one of the common mistakes made by Telegram owners. There should not be too much detail or information on the logo. Don’t use actual photos of people, or anything else. You don’t have to be a designer to see what’s good or bad.

3 Use keywords in the channel name

Keywords are powerful tools to make a person searchable and discoverable by users. Keywords should reflect your channel niche and be specific and true to it. If you have a channel about robot toys for dogs in India, give a proper name to your channel. Don’t just name it ‘robot toys’, be specific! Don’t brand your channel unless your brand is as popular as Pepsi.

4 Post continuously

You must have some sort of content strategy. Subscribers must get new content every day to stay engaged. There’s nothing good about posting once a month, that way you’ll only lose your members.

5 Don’t post too much

If you’re planning on publishing about 15 new posts a day, stop before you do! As per our experience, the more you publish, the more muted your channel becomes. Yes, persistent notifications are annoying and users tend to mute them. Muted channels mean fewer views and fewer active users. How can you send your services or ads if only 10 out of 1000 users see your content?

6 Publish unique content

this is right. Stop copy-pasting content from other channels or the Internet. First of all, people have already seen it. Second, disrespecting copyright rules is not a good idea. If you publish someone’s content you should at least give credit to the author.

Can we also mention that only a unique reference can go viral? Yes, your creativity or a good piece of knowledge can make your entire channel popular.

7 Automate with Telegram bots

You can make the sales and consulting process easier if you use Telegram to promote your products or services. Build a free bot with top frequently asked questions and answers. It can take the place of a manager who is answering similar questions every day.

With the bot, you can collect new orders and contacts without much effort. If you want to see an example of a business Telegram bot, click on our bot for Telegram members at the end of the article.

8 Create both – Channel and Group

If you can’t choose what you should create for your business or content – ​​channels or groups, create both. In our experience, this is a better option. For example, AppsGeyser has a channel for official news and updates and a group where users exchange their questions, and issues and help each other.

The best strategy for Telegram monetization is to make users and customers happy in every possible way.

9 Use Telegram to Promote Other Social Media Links

If you have a Facebook page, Instagram, or WhatsApp group, don’t hesitate to share the link on your channel. Users may eventually leave one of the platforms and this is your way of keeping in touch with them.

10 Don’t change the concept of your channel

If you had a channel about cricket, don’t suddenly make it about funny videos with puppies. This is a fast way to lose your users. Someone interested in a topic may not be interested in your new idea. If you want a channel with a new theme, build it from the beginning.

You can promote it on your primary channel. The only cases when you can change the idea of ​​your channel: You have 100 subscribers and you want to make your channel more specific to your niche (without actually changing a concept).

how can you earn money from the Telegram channel?

Telegram does not pay for channels or groups, there is no monetization program inside it. However, in late 2020, it was announced that Telegram monetization would be launched any time soon. Messenger plans to introduce ads in public channels.

But even without an official monetization opportunity, Telegram is one of the most popular platforms for advertising. People already make thousands of dollars per month by selling their products, services, or advertisements on Telegram channels.

How to increase your followers on telegram

Before you can monetize your channel, you need to grow your following. Follow these tips to promote your channel.

  • Use an easy-to-remember name that reflects your brand.
  • Create quality and compelling content that your audience can relate to.
  • Set a schedule to post consistently.
  • Promote your channel on social media.
  • Host giveaway on the channel.
  • Join other groups of your interest and actively participate in discussions. Promote your channel in discussions.
  • List your channel in channel directories.

4 Telegram Monetization Strategies for Your Channel

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1 Sell your services and products

Whether you are an Affiliate seller (Amazon, AliExpress, Flipkart) or have your brand, you can always reach your products and services to a large number of viewers registered on Telegram and gain new customers through this social platform. It’s the same as running social media (Facebook, Instagram), but your engagement rate is much higher.

The viewing rate in Telegram channels can be around 30%, while on other social platforms it is less than 10%. Telegram is a content-oriented platform, so to stay on top of business, you need to think about your users’ needs and deliver top-notch content to make them happy.

As a bonus, your followers receive constant notifications on your updates by default. No need to set up notifications manually in the app. This means users will not miss your offers, news, updates, discounts, etc. Of course, the more subscribers your channel has, the higher your chances of getting new subscribers online earning money on Telegram.

Don’t forget that Telegram is a new marketing tool and has a solid chance of facing low-level competition. You can even automate the sales process with bots. Telegram bots can help you make money with little effort – collect and process orders, get contact numbers from users, accept payments, notify you of special offers, give instant customer support, schedule appointments for users To let, etc.

Happily, the basic functionality builders of the Telegram bot are free. If you don’t have any products or services to sell, consider the most popular ideas for Telegram channel monetization: Educational Marketing or Consulting Services to Build a Niche Store, Sell on Amazon, Aliexpress, Flipkart, Udemy, or any other. Join affiliate programs on the platform.

(electronics, clothing, shoes, books, etc.). Take some effort and watch Telegram earnings grow.

2 Sell Ads

Posting ads and paid posts in your Telegram channel or group is one of the most popular ways to monetize Telegram. If you have more than 50k subscribers, you can easily sell any promotional post with links to other Telegram channel owners.

Typically, the price of an ad depends on a few factors: the duration of the promo and the number of channel subscribers. Prices can be somewhere between a 1-48 hour long promo publication. Short time – Small price – Small impact for the customer.

Most of the Telegram channel or group owners aim for 24-hour long publications, so it is better to make your price the most attractive for this period. The same math works for the number of channel/group members. The more customers you have, the higher the price you can charge.

You can easily earn up to $500-700 per month by promoting other channels and products. But to get that result your channel must have good content, so your members and followers will stay connected with the content you publish.

The most popular Telegram channels earn a few thousand dollars per month by selling paid posts with links to other channels.

3 Paid Subscription

Sell ​​your users access to premium or valuable content. It usually works that way if you have a public channel to get a bigger base of followers and a private channel with premium content. Access to the private channel is allowed by special links for members who pay the membership fee regularly.

This way you can charge people a monthly fee and get a constant source of income. Popular examples of Telegram channel monetization by subscription: betting tips for sports (cricket, soccer, etc.), trading channels with signals (forex, crypto), and educational resources (materials for exams like IELTS, and online courses).

There are services like InviteMember that allow you to automate your Telegram paid subscription business with their membership bot platform. You can accept payments through various payment gateways inside your Telegram channel/group and let the bot handle your subscriptions and other difficult tasks.

4 Sell Your Channel

That’s correct! If your Telegram channel has enough subscribers, you can sell it to someone else. Set a good price and earn cash by transferring your ownership to your potential customer. After that, you can go and create another channel, grow it and resell it! It’s a completely different business on Telegram.

Income from one channel can easily range from $50 to $5000. The more subscribers you have the better the engagement rate, and the higher the channel cost can be. You can easily use these techniques to monetize your Telegram channel or even group.

But to get a decent income whether you sell premium content, ads, or channels yourself, you need to get a large number of Telegram subscribers. The math is simple: more members = more income.

  • Since there is no paid advertising on Telegram, marketers still need a way to promote their channels. If you have high followers, your channel will attract marketers who want to advertise on it. Sell ​​ads or paid posts to appear on your channel.
  • Another way is to create a private channel and charge a fee to join. By promoting valuable content that users want, you can attract more customers.
  • If you are selling your own product or service, create a related channel to promote it. For example, if you’re selling pet supplies, your channel may offer users advice on caring for their pets.
  • If you are creative, you can create and sell stickers for different channels.
  • Build bots and sell to others. While making a bot is not very difficult, it does require some technical know-how and creativity. Many people don’t want to take the time to make their own and will pay for the service.
  • Create and develop channels for businesses and then put them up for sale.
  • Promote other products on your channel through affiliate marketing with successful major companies like Amazon, eBay, and Apple. When someone buys something from your link, you will get a commission.

How to make money with telegram channel

There are several ways to grow your channel and start earning from it:


The easiest way to get the first subscriber of the channel. You can share your channel or group link with your friends, they will share it with their friends, and so on. This way you can get your first 50-100 members free. Or you can manually add the first 200 members from your Telegram contacts – bringing your friends and family to your Telegram channel.

2 Cross Promo

Cross-promo with other Telegram channels. This means you can exchange promotional posts with other admins. It doesn’t cost anything, but it will be tough in the beginning. To cross-promo, your channel must have at least 2000 subscribers. Otherwise, other owners and administrators will not be interested in promoting your content on your Telegram channel.

3 Promote on Social Media

You can share your Telegram channel link on social media. And we don’t mean just Facebook. There are lots of niche sources and communities for every possible topic. For example, you have a channel with betting tips in India. You can look for forums of well-known bookmakers’ websites.

Or you can go to Quora, and search for related questions from users all over the world. Write a solid answer with your Telegram channel link. And you can be sure, that many users will see this over time. In addition to forums, Quora, niche social media, and Facebook, you can look closer at the Telegram catalog.

Many websites offer Telegram channels. They split links by theme and post them for free!

4 Paid Ads

Buy ads and post your channel or group link on other channels. It charges you an investment of money, but in return, you get active users. But there can be a problem, the same advertisement on different channels can bring you 500 new subscribers or just 1… or even 0 subscribers.

You never know, this is a risky business. You need to do research before getting into paid advertising. You should pay attention to the size of the channel, its growth dynamics, view rate, the origin of members, and how often they publish paid posts.

5 Buy Members

Some services provide real and active members for Telegram channels. This is the fastest way to get subscribers and boost your channel. You can get 1000 members in a day or even faster! Usually, you pay for the result. If you want 1000 members, make sure you get all of them.

But be careful and don’t buy bots. Bots are great for numbers and are cheap, but these are passive members who won’t join your channel…. And over time you risk losing them all as Telegram removes fake users. This does not happen if you buy a genuine member from a trusted company.

People also ask about how to earn money with telegram

How to make a Telegram channel?

To create a Telegram channel, go to the Menu tab of the Messenger app. Select a new channel type Channel name Add description Upload an icon. Choose the channel type Public or Private. Assign a link to your channel. Add members from your contact list.

How to monetize the Telegram channel?

To monetize a Telegram channel you can sell ads in it, sell your products or services, offer a paid subscription to premium content, or sell your channel to someone else.

How much can I earn from the Telegram channel?

With a channel of more than 100000 members, you can earn around 2000 per month. But it depends on the quality of your channel and the type of monetization.

Can I make money from Telegram?

Yes, Telegram is a brand new marketing and business tool. You can still make good money with Telegram channels.

How to earn money from Telegram in India?

You can make money with Telegram in India by selling paid advertising, product or service channels, and selling paid subscriptions to premium content.

Does Telegram pay for channels?

No, Telegram does not pay for channels. But you can make money with channels using one of the common methods of selling Telegram monetization advertising services and products, paid subscriptions, and channels.

Can I earn $100 per day from Telegram?

Yes if you have a popular Telegram channel. In this way, you can sell 1-2 paid posts daily in your channel and earn $100.

How to make money on Telegram?

Sell ​​paid posts, sell products and services, join affiliate programs, sell paid subscriptions, or build and sell a network of channels. The bigger the Telegram channel, the higher the income.

What are the best Telegram monetization strategies?

The best Telegram monetization strategies include selling in-channel ads, selling products and services that offer paid subscriptions to premium content, and selling channels.

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