How to start affiliate marketing with Flipkart (5 step guide) 2022

now, these days everyone asks how to start affiliate marketing with Flipkart, Join the Flipkart Affiliate Program with us, and earn up to 7.56% Guaranteed Affiliate Commission on the sale of all Flipkart products. Promote the best deals on Flipkart products through your affiliate link, and start earning today.

Flipkart is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in India, covering over 80 million products across 80+ categories ranging from fashion and lifestyle to books, electronics, pantry, appliances, etc., and you as an affiliate marketer can promote.

With up to 90% off discounts and great sales throughout the year, Flipkart attracts around 10 million page visits daily. It usually takes around 3-5 working days for Flipkart orders to be delivered, but the delivery time also varies from seller to seller.

Flipkart Affiliate Commission/Rate Details

Before joining the Flipkart Affiliate Program, I suggest you take a look at the commission rate or payout. Because when you get approval for any affiliate program then you will get a commission according to this rate. So why not let your users make purchases from desktop or mobile websites or applications, plus you will get a little more commission in the case of new users and a little less commission in the case of old users.

Commission RatesNew CustomerExisting Customer
Grocery / Supermart18%3%
Flipkart Quick Grocery18%18%
Electronics Devices / Accessories5%5%
Books & General Merchandise15%12%
Small Home Appliances8%8%
Fashion & Lifestyle4%4%
Mobile Phones1%1%
Gold, Gemstones & Silver Coins0.1%0.1%
Gift Card1%1%
Large Appliances4%4%

Program benefit

  1. Earning Potential: Looking to earn some money? it is a great platform to start with. You can earn up to Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30,000 per month by joining the Flipkart Associate Program. It may also increase depending on the number of transactions made through your affiliate links
  2. Mileage Tracking and Confirmation Timelines: Flipkart orders are usually tracked on Earnkaro within 24 hours of the transaction. The missing percentage of Flipkart transactions is on average as low as 10%, which is less than anywhere else. It takes up to 75 days for your commission to be confirmed.
  3. Payment: You can keep all your earned profits/commissions safe in your EarnKaro account. And as soon as your Fixed Benefit becomes Rs.10 or more, you can directly withdraw it to your bank account by request at any time
  4. No Documentation is Required: To become a Flipkart affiliate through Earnkaro, all you need to do is download the app and sign-up for free. No documents are required
  5. Tools for Automation: To make your deal-sharing journey efficient and smooth, Earnkaro offers a special magic tool. Colleagues who have large Facebook, WhatsApp, or Telegram groups can use these tools.

How does the Flipkart Associate Program work?

Anyone with zero experience in Affiliate Marketing can get a good hold of it. As shown in the figure above, it consists of three steps:

  • Sharing deals through affiliate links: In this step, you copy the product link from Flipkart and convert it into a profit link. You then share your affiliate link on your social and personal networks.
  • Product Purchase: Now, when someone buys a product through your affiliate link, you will get a guaranteed commission.
  • Transfer Earnings to Bank: Now, as soon as your commission earned is confirmed, you can directly transfer it to your bank account.

Why Choose Guideofjobs to Become an Affiliate Marketer?

Guideofjobs is one of the largest affiliate marketing platforms in India, where you can easily join many high-paying affiliate programs.

  • High Payout: Guideofjobs is the only affiliate platform in India where you get the best and highest paying commission rates for related affiliate programs in India. This commission is 100% genuine, and you can withdraw it at any time as soon as it goes above Rs. 10.
  • Simple Joining Process: Guide of Jobs has more than 300 high-paying affiliate programs like Tata Click Affiliate Program, AJIO, Mamaearth, and Myntra Affiliate Program. You can join any affiliate program of your choice (no documentation required).
  • No Business Information Required: Guideoff Jobs does not ask for any business information from the users

How to Join Flipkart Affiliate Program?

One can easily get affiliated with Flipkart by following these 6 easy steps:

  • Go to Affiliate Marketing Platform: To join the Flipkart Partner/Affiliate Program, first, you have to go to the right Affiliate Platform.
  • Register for Free: (No Documents Required) Your next step will be to signup. You can sign up using your mobile number or through Facebook, no documents are required.
  • Login through Facebook or using your mobile number: Now, after completing your registration, you can log in to the Earnkaro website or app using your mobile number or Facebook ID only.
  • Generate Affiliate Link: Now you can copy the Flipkart product link that you want to promote from the website of Flipkart and convert it into an affiliate link.
  • Promote Flipkart Products and Earn: Now, you can start sharing and promoting your Flipkart Earnkaro affiliate link with your family and friends. Earn guaranteed commission on every transaction made through your affiliate link.
  • Withdraw your earned commission: If your profit is equal to or more than Rs. 10, you can then request a withdrawal and have all your earned commissions directly transferred to your bank account.

How to start Affiliate Marketing with Flipkart

Till now I am talking about Flipkart Affiliate Program. But what if you do not get the approval of Flipkart Affiliate then don’t worry that you can still earn money from Flipkart Affiliate Marketing.

Now there are many websites or applications with the help of which we can do Affiliate Marketing on many other websites like Amazon, Myntra, Snapdeal, Jabong, and Ajio apart from Flipkart. Some of these websites are earnkaro, links, admit, Admitad, Viglink, Vcommission, Zingoy, INRDeals, etc.

You will be surprised to know that I myself have not yet received the Flipkart Affiliate Approval. But still, I am not able to earn good money from Flipkart Affiliate Program every month because of my website. This is because I promote it by creating a Flipkart Affiliate Link with the help of websites like EarnKaro, CueLinks, and Zingoy.

Another good thing about these websites is that they offer very high commissions and their payouts are very low. As a result, even though we earn very little, we get money every month.

Affiliate ProgramCommission Rates

1 EarnKaro

Many websites are used in India as an affiliate option. Arnakaro is the best of them all. The best thing about this website is that we do not need to take approval here later and we are Amazon through Earnkaro. Apart from Flipkart, Myntra can earn money from many other types of affiliate marketing.

Earnkaro has its own application and website. To do Flipkart Affiliate Marketing, from here we just have to signup on EarnKaro. It gives a 5.40% commission to our Flipkart Affiliate. After our commission is confirmed we can move our earned money to our bank account. The minimum withdrawal limit at Arnakaro is ₹10.

2 CueLinks

It is a one-stop solution for every affiliate marketer who wants to promote Flipkart products. On this website, you can promote the products of Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Paytm Mall, etc.

with the help of the Telegram channel then you can easily start Affiliate Marketing with one click. in this case, you can use the QLinks Telegram bot to promote links with one click.

CueLinks will give you a commission ranging from 6.75% to 11.34% for successful transactions. But please be aware that you will not get anything if users buy the product through the Flipkart mobile app.

3 Zingoy

Like Arnacaro, we at Zingoy do not need to get approval. This is a cashback, discount, and coupon website. On this website we can buy Paytm, Amazon, Myntra, and Flipkart gift cards. Apart from this, we can also earn money from Affiliate Marketing.

If you create your account on the Zingoy website and then share the profit link, you will earn money. But in this case, the money will come to your Zingoy wallet in the form of ZingCash when someone purchases from the Flipkart website through your link.

After 2 months this ZingCash will be confirmed and then you can redeem it through a Paytm or Amazon gift card. Zingoy has its app and website.

If someone buys something from your link from the Flipkart app then you will not get any commission. When someone visits your link and buys something from Flipkart’s website, you will get a commission. From Zingoy you will get a 5.40% commission for Flipkart Affiliate Marketing.

Wrap up with how you can get paid

As you have read in the above paragraph, Flipkart is not accepting new affiliate requests nowadays. But it’s nothing to worry about. Because we can easily register for Flipkart Affiliate through Earnkaro, QLinks, and Zingoy and share profit links with our friends. I have also created some Flipkart Affiliate Links with Zingoy, and CueLinks and shared them in this blog. Once the withdrawal period is over, the platform will remit my affiliate proceeds to my linked bank account.

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People also ask about

How to make 1000-5000 from Flipkart Affiliate?

You can earn 1000-5000 commissions daily from Flipkart by promoting a big product. If you promote a laptop, smart TV, washing machine, fridge, or any other high-priced product, you can easily earn a lot of money. If you get 5 sales then you can easily earn 2000-6000 from Flipkart Affiliate.

Does Flipkart pay for clicks?

No, you will get a commission only for one successful transaction. Flipkart will not pay you a single rupee for the click.

 How can I start Affiliate Marketing without money?

You can easily start Affiliate Marketing without any money. In this case, you can use Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, a YouTube channel, or a free blog to drive traffic and get paid by Flipkart.

Why is the Flipkart Affiliate Program closed?

The Flipkart Affiliate Program is not closed. in May 2018 they are not accepting new requests. Flipkart has not given any clear reason why it has stopped accepting new requests.

How to use Flipkart Affiliate Program?

You can start Flipkart Affiliate to earn money by promoting products. before this you have to join Flipkart Affiliate. Once they accept your request you are eligible to promote their products and earn money. You need a blog, mobile app, or YouTube channel to promote affiliate links.

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