17 Top best Instant Paytm Cash Earning Game App

It’s always good to use the time and make tips while you’re just waiting or doing nothing. But before you start getting in too deep, it can be beneficial to see where or how you should get started. You’ll have so much more fun with this aspect in the back of your mind and with a plan that you’ll have less to worry about trying to figure out what exactly to do.

The best part of earning money these days is downloading games on your android phone. Yes, you are reading it right! Many google play stores offer lots of super illusional fun and offer their users to earn cash with every purchase. These sites also provide a walkthrough for their user and the rewards paid for completing levels and spending vouchers.

What would you do with Rs 100 if you got it in your account instantly? That has been our question since many people want extra cash without any effort. Today, we have a game app that would also help them earn instant Paytm money.

instant paytm cash earning game app

Daily Instant Paytm Cash Earning Apps

There are many ways to earn money from Paytm. You can work for them directly or use one of their many payment apps. Paytm also has a payments bank, which allows you to save and earn interest on your money.

One of the best ways to earn money from Paytm is to play games that offer instant payouts. Many games provide this service, but not all are created equal. We’ve put together a list of the best Instant Paytm Cash Earning Game Apps so you can start making money today!

1. RozDhan Earning App

RozDhan is a popular Paytm cash-earning app that allows you to earn instant Paytm cash by completing tasks like playing games, watching videos, referring friends, etc. You can also win daily prizes by participating in the RozDhan lottery. There are two ways to earn Paytm Cash from RozDhan Earning App.

We can make money by playing games, watching videos, or referring friends. Recently RozDhan has added a new feature to this app. Now you can read trending articles along with watching videos in this app.

You will get ₹25 cashback if you refer your friends to download RozDhan. You can withdraw these earnings to your Paytm Wallet.

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2. Big Cash Money Earning App

Big Cash is one of the best apps to earn Paytm Cash. The app launched in India a year ago. You can get unlimited free Paytm Cash by signing up from this app, playing games, and for a new referral. People like this app very much because of its great features.

You can withdraw your earnings instantly in your Paytm wallet with as little as ₹20. The person signing up on Big Cash App will get ₹ ten, and the referrer will get the referral amount of ₹11. The good thing is that you can withdraw from your Paytm wallet. You do not need to complete your KYC to withdraw your earnings.

Refer & Earn ₹20 Paytm Cash

  • First of all, install Big Cash App.
  • Connect with your Facebook and get ₹20.
  • Verify with OTP and tap on Proceed.
  • Now tap on the three-dot menu and select the Invite and Earn options.
  • You can earn up to ₹1000 by inviting a new friend.

3. Vision11 Fantasy Game

Vision11 is the fastest-growing fantasy app in India. Play fantasy games on this app, such as cricket, football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, etc. App launched in India two years back. It has improved a lot since then. You can earn money by playing fantasy games and referring friends fromVision11 Fantasy App.

A new user will get ₹300 signup bonus to play the contest. But you must verify your mobile number and email id with OTP to get this signup bonus. Vision11 comes with an excellent referral offer. If you have a group of friends who are regular fantasy players, you can earn free Paytm cash daily without investing a single rupee.

And you will get this money for a lifetime. So I think Vision 11 is the best Paytm Cash-Earning App in 2022. You will get ₹100 cash bonus and 20% contest commission for a lifetime for the Vision11 referral offer. Let’s take a look at how the Refer and Earn offer works.

Refer and Earn with Vision11 Fantasy Game

If you have a lot of friends, then the Vision11 referral offer will help you to earn some good passive income daily, weekly, or monthly. You will get ₹100 cash bonus and 20% profit commission for one referral. But you can withdraw a 20% commission balance from your bank account.

Because this money will be directly credited to your winning balance, please remember that Vision11 has a minimum withdrawal limit of ₹100. You can withdraw your referral and winning compensation to your Paytm wallet and bank account.

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4. Paytm First Games

It is the official gaming app of Paytm. We can play Rummy, Fantasy, Race and many more games. It was launched as a general gaming app, but it became a fantasy and rummy gaming app after a few months. Hence it is not available to download in the play store.

You can earn by playing games and referring to others. If you refer your friends to download the PFG (Paytm First Games) app and play the game, you will get ₹10,000 deposit cash. You can use 100% of your balance to participate in any contest.

Paytm’s first game in 2022 is an instant Paytm cash-earning app in India. The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹100. Money will instantly be credited to your Paytm Wallet or Bank Account.

5. GameZy 

GameZy is a multi-gaming fantasy app. We can play many different types of games in this app. All kinds of games, from fantasy to ludo, can be played here. The brand ambassador of this app is KL Rahul. We can play a complete match, second innings, and live fantasy contests on this fantasy gaming app. 

You will get a referral bonus of up to ₹10,000 on the GameZy app. You must complete KYC by uploading photocopies and verifying your mobile number, email ID, PAN card, and bank account. you can withdraw a minimum ₹25. Money will be credited to your Paytm wallet, and bank account instantly

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6. 11Challengers

You will get a referral bonus of up to ₹10. you can earn money without joining any contests. In this app, you can join basketball, football, fantasy cricket, volleyball, handball, baseball, and NFL competition. I think 11 Challenger is an excellent instant free Paytm cash-earning app in India for beginners.

If you download 11 Challengers for the first time, you will get ₹50 cash bonus in your deposit wallet. Also, for a new referral, you will get a cash bonus of ₹50 and a 20% contest commission from the balance of your winnings.

The minimum withdrawal limit for 11 challengers is ₹200. You can withdraw to your Paytm wallet and bank account. If you are a YouTuber, Blogger, or Telegram Channel, you can join 11Challengers Affiliate Program, promote their app, and earn a lot of commission on the GameZy app.

7. Real11 fantasy app

It is the best Paytm earning app. Apart from these, Real11 is another great app that gives us an excellent opportunity to earn free Paytm cash. If you want to make free Paytm cash from this app, you can join the Real11 affiliate program. In this case, you must mail their team and tell them about your traffic source.

They will pay you 20-50% affiliate commission. it has great options to play fantasy games. Recently they have added a few more games, including Ludo. You will get a cash bonus of ₹75 for playing the game. The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹200.

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8. Fantasy Power 11

This fantasy cricket app launched a few years ago. Robin Uthappa is the brand ambassador of Fantasy Power 11. So you can easily trust this app. In this app, you can earn instant free Paytm cash by referring to and joining contests.

Fantasy Power 11 comes with ₹100 signups and ₹100 referral bonus offers. you will get a 20% profit commission for a lifetime. With this app, you can withdraw ₹100 to Paytm and your winning balance of ₹300 to your bank account.

9. Kubera Fantasy 

Kuber Fantasy will be a good app for you if you want to earn money without investment. In this app, you can earn ₹50 cash bonus and 20% referral commission for a lifetime. You can withdraw your referral commission from your registered bank account.

It is a fantasy app, and you can also play fantasy games. They will collect ₹50 signup bonus and ₹50 referral bonus for every new user. The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹200.

10. Jeet11 Gaming App

It is also a fantasy cricket and online gaming app. In this app, we can play games like fantasy cricket, football, and mini cricket. It is a fantasy app with very little competition. Thus we have an excellent chance to win the match by making a good team.

You will get ₹100 cash bonus if you download Jeet11. Whereas, Jeet11 users will get up to ₹1000 in wallet cash for every new referral. You can use 100% of your referral bonus to enter a contest. If you refer a friend to join Jeet11, you will get ₹100 cash bonus and a 3% deposit cash back when your friends add money to their wallet.

For example, if they add ₹350, you will get ₹10. If they add ₹500, you will get ₹15. And if they add ₹1000, you will get ₹30 in your deposit wallet. You can withdraw your winning balance to your Paytm & Bank with as little as ₹100.

11. 4Fun Earning App

It is a new short video app in India. In this app, we can share and watch videos. 4Fun is a perfect instant Paytm cash-earning app in India because we don’t need to complete any complex task to earn free Paytm cash from this app. You can create unique short videos and share them on the 4fun platform.

It will help you to become popular all over India. In this app, you can earn free Paytm cash on signup, referral, and sharing videos. 4Fun will provide ₹50 signup bonus and ₹7 on every new referral. The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹200. You can withdraw your earnings to your Paytm Wallet.

12. EarnEasy App

If you want to know the most popular Paytm cash-giving app, you should download the EarnEasy app. it will give you 10 free signup bonuses. Also, Earn Refer Earn Paytm Offer. Here is another opportunity to earn money which is a complete offer, and get up to ₹80 instant cashback.

In this app, earn by completing a simple task like downloading an app and completing a short survey. Redeem all earnings amount to Paytm or UPI account. This app, most of the time minimum of Rs. 50 gives immediately. But sometimes, it takes up to 72 hours to credit the Paytm account. With this app, you can get unlimited Paytm cash.

13. ShareChat App

After TikTok Expired in India, many Indian Short Video Apps Get Lots of Download and Popularity. If You Want to Get All in One Feature of Social Media, Then You Should Download ShareChat. You Can Download it on Play Store and Earn Money Instant Paytm Cash From It. Also, Enjoy Chat With Your Friends, Short videos, Checking the Latest Trending Status, and lots More.

After Downloading this App and Creating an Account on This Social Media App, You Will Get a Flat Rs.15 Cashback Which is Redeemed into Paytm Instantly. There are Unlimited Earning Opportunities by Referring to Your Friends If Your Friend Downloads the App and Use For a Few Days. You, Will, Get a Flat 15 bonus for Each.

14. Money91 App

Money91 is another app to earn and redeem Paytm instantly. This App Gives Us ₹6 For Joining + ₹3 For Every Refer By Sharon, and Your Friends Earn an Unlimited ₹3. After joining, you will get ₹6, which will be instantly redeemable in your Paytm account.

The minimum redemption amount of the app is ₹1 only. It is personal and group chats, posts like Facebook sharing your content, and article pictures on the Money91 app loot wall. We have selected this app as one of the best free Paytm earning apps.

15. Pocket Money App

Today, most people are playing PUBG and Temple Run as games for entertainment and enjoyment. But many apps are available in-game markets paying real cash to play games. Yes, it is true ₹100% trusted and verified.

Download games and apps with Pocket Money here and get Paytm cash for every download. So we are sharing about pocket money signup Bonus ₹10. There are many gameplay games, and you get assured from ₹1 to 100.

16. Cashboss App 

Cashboss is in 5th position in our ranking. This app didn’t pay as a signup bonus, but there are many options to loot free Paytm cash. in the app, you will see some apps, By downloading this app you can earn free Paytm cash.

so download all offered wall apps and wheel and earn options. From there you can get the minimum amount per day. So let’s check all the information on the app.

17. Ewar Game App 

Here we will present a gaming app, i.e., gaming or earning, and there are many different types of games available in this app. You can play any game and start earning. Some popular games available are Ludo game, Carrom game, Snake game, Knife draft game, Cricket game, Airstrike, etc. There are many games available to play to earn Paytm cash.

You must link your Paytm number in this app and complete a short KYC to get instant payment. Signup Get ₹10 Bonus Which Is Useful For Play Games. After winning the game, you can use the winning amount to play again or redeem it in your Paytm account. Refer to the EWar match with your friends and get ₹10 referral bonus of 100% usable. Minimum Redeem in Paytm Account Rs. 60.

Earn thousands of rupees without investment

There are many ways to make money these days, but not all are equal in terms of time investment and earning potential. If you’re looking to make some extra cash without putting in a lot of time or effort, then playing games on your smartphone could be the perfect solution.

Several different apps will allow you to earn Paytm cash by playing games. The amount of money you can reach will vary depending on the app and the game itself, but it is possible to make a decent amount of money from these apps if you’re willing to put in the time.

Some of the best app-based games that offer Paytm cash as a reward include Ludo World, 8 Ball Pool, and QuizUp. These games are all top-rated and can be played for hours at a time without getting bored. Moreover, they offer very lucrative rewards for those willing to put in the effort.

So if you’re looking for a way to make easy money without investing any money upfront, then playing games on your smartphone could be the perfect solution. With a bit of time and effort, you could easily earn thousands of rupees from these apps.

Wrap up:

Everyone wants to earn money online. There are many ways we can use to make money online. Students always want to earn money by referring friends or installing any new app.

There you have it! Our top best instant Paytm cash-earning game app picks. All these apps are free to download and play, so there’s no excuse not to try them out and see if you can make some easy money.

Have you tried any of these apps before? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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