Physiotherapist Doctor Salary in India (Right Now)

The healthy passion for being physically fit has grown to an unprecedented level. People have realized that a healthy body is the key to a healthy mind. Physical fitness plays a highly positive role in terms of life expectancy, productivity in the workplace, and susceptibility to diseases. And it has rightly received the attention it has always deserved.

This helping hand is challenging and essential, in case you’re wondering. You got a fracture, and you were on rest for like a month. Here, it is difficult to resume movement in a way that would require you to seek professional help. In such a situation, the real need would be to trust someone with all the knowledge and understanding of the human body.

This highlights the importance of the role of a physiotherapist. Being a physiotherapist may be your job if you are interested in the human body and want to help others.

In this article, we will learn about Physiotherapist Doctor Salary and Government Physiotherapy Salaries.

What do Physiotherapists do?

Physiotherapists work on various things because different patients require different treatments. Some of the functions performed by a physiotherapist are as follows.

Examination of patients

A physiotherapist examines patients to provide reports on the problem and how severe it is. Like we can guess a fracture because of pain, but can we ever be sure that it is just that? No right We need to consult a doctor to be sure. This is what physiotherapy can tell.

Working on a treatment plan

If you have ever visited a physiotherapist, you may know that they look at the intensity of your injury and make a plan accordingly. For some, a physiotherapist will suggest only specific equipment to help. In contrast, others with the same problem but the higher intensity will recommend live training or a program including self-training.


The role of a physiotherapist is also to be present for his patients and help them by visiting or calling them. After choosing the technique, it is also necessary for the patients to do such exercises. Also, their job is to check how well and accurately such practices are followed or if improvements are needed.


Consulting has always been a good business for every specialist in their respective field. So, that’s it for the physiotherapist. Consultations form a significant part of the salary of a physiotherapist doctor. This is a specific influencing factor. That’s because it’s more important to convince people to trust you only than you ask before you take over.

Program making

Only some people need special training, and most people usually need a program to correct the difficulties of age factors. For that, the physiotherapist must design and formulate plans and programs to be used regularly.

Let us now examine the types of Physiotherapists, and later we will cover Government Physiotherapy Salaries.

Types of Physiotherapists

Physiotherapy is a broad branch, and there are many subsections of it. Many physiotherapists specialize in one of these sections to become an expert in that field. Some of the types of physiotherapists are as follows.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Musculoskeletal conditions typically affect mobility, dexterity, and functional ability. The primary symptoms patients face here are back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, Golfers elbow, repetitive strain injury, ankle sprain, knee pain, etc. These Physiotherapists assess such patients, put them on the appropriate medication, and keep them updated about their exercise.

Neurological Physiotherapist

This is needed when a patient faces injury or diseases to the brain or spinal cord. Numerological physiotherapists also address impairment, which includes sensory changes and loss of balance and functioning. Basically, a person is unable to perform actions independently in this case. The way to treat it is through rehabilitation performed by a Neurological physiotherapist.

Geriatric Physiotherapist

These physiotherapists have a significant interest in the needs of aging adults. They help treat conditions like arthritis, cancer, joint replacement, osteoporosis, and other balance-related disorders. Geriatric physiotherapists generally work as per planned programs to improve mobility. Primarily they treat people of the age group 65 and above.

Sports Physiotherapist

As the name suggests, Sports physiotherapists specialize in sports fitness for players. To help them recover from any injury while playing. They can also teach you how to avoid getting injured while playing. Sports physiotherapist is an important part of the healthcare team for athletes of all levels.

Rehabilitation and Pain Management Specialist

They are specialized to assess a patient’s neurological status post-surgery, injury, or illness. The major responsibilities of these specialists are to examine the optimum working of senses, balance, reflexes, strength, and muscles. These doctors have a high physiotherapist doctor salary.

Pediatric Physiotherapist

They are specialized for children in congenital malformation, neurology, breathing, and prematurity. It plays an extensive role in the lives of children as they grow. They take care of the needs of the children and plan treatment accordingly. A primary aim here is to maximize daily living activity independently. These professionals include nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, and pharmacists, etc.

Women’s Health Specialist

Childbirth, Episiotomy, abnormal surgery, C-section, chronic coughing, and aging can cause pelvic pain and urinary system problems, due to which Women’s health specialists are required to play an important role. Common programs available for women are Prenatal and postpartum exercise programs, osteoporosis exercise, etc.

Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapist

Cardiorespiratory physiotherapists are specialists in caring for people with health problems affecting the heart. Shortness of breath, persistent cough, and increased work of breathing-like issues are dealt with here. Their scope is mainly in ICUs, outpatient clinics, or surgical wards. Diseases like asthma and bronchiectasis are the ones where Cardiorespiratory physiotherapists play an essential role.

Physiotherapist Doctor Salary in India

Being a physiotherapist is so wonderful. Here, you can restore someone’s ability to walk or walk and function properly. You can contribute to promoting health and fitness, a must in this age as people have become more fragile and less fit due to fewer outdoor activities.

Physiotherapy is fast becoming one of the most lucrative medical professions, with the increasing demand for specialist physical health consultants in various walks of life. Health and well-being are prioritized for every age group, from children to senior citizens.

The remuneration figures of physiotherapists are also looking bright. Thus, with a double increase in employment prospects and job satisfaction, physiotherapy is an increasingly smart and profitable career option.

The nature and range of Physiotherapist salary depend on several factors, which are listed below with suitable explanations:

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Physiotherapist Doctor Salary

Physiotherapist doctor salary varies based on experience, age, area, specialization, and much more. In India, the average physiotherapy salary per month is 57,400 INR which can go up to 27,500 INR, and the highest is 90,100 INR. This is one including allowance and allowances.

One can easily get 32,000+ INR with almost 2 years of experience. The incident is said to be the most important factor determining the salary of a physiotherapist doctor. On doubling the background, it reaches up to 45,000+ INR, i.e., 4 to 5 years. And as the experience level exceeds 5 years, your salary increases up to 60,000+ INR. Generally, this salary doubles with experience of 10 years or more.

Apart from experience, education plays an important role here as well. Getting a salary of 45,100 INR is possible when you have a bachelor’s degree. With a Master’s degree, which is Rs 57,600, and with a Ph.D., you will get around Rs 85,100.

Another option you can consider is a government hospital with a government physiotherapy salary of Rs 9300-34,800 with an additional grade pay of Rs 4200. For this, you need a degree in physiotherapy without any other certification. Even a diploma in some hospitals can help you earn almost the same, but it requires experience.

The minimum age required is 25 years. Now you all know about Government Physiotherapy Salary.

physiotherapy clinic

Many physiotherapists also consider working in self-owned physiotherapy clinics. This mainly involves a substantial initial investment in purchasing various physical therapy equipment. Treadmills, exercise bikes, pedal exercisers, elliptical trainers, and upper body ergometers (UGMs) are some standard physical therapy equipment needed in a clinic.

But with a few years of experience, physiotherapists can earn an average of Rs 60,000 per month as their practices become more systematic and widely known. Such private rooms also perfectly complement the work routine of a physiotherapist as they can fix working hours that ideally suit their needs.

Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Health Centers

This indicates that the physiotherapist’s professional field is wide open. Government hospitals usually pay less. But working in a private health center or nursing home, a physiotherapist who has just started his professional career, can earn from ₹ 2 lakh to ₹ 2.5 lakh per year.

But with the increase in work experience, their salary also increases. Recent reports suggest that with a few years of working as a professional, a physiotherapist can earn an average wage of ₹3.60 lakh per annum.

Home visit of earning

Home visits are another source of income for physiotherapists who feel that working in their clinic will not be cost-effective. Physiotherapists employed by hospitals, nursing homes, or other medical establishments may also opt for home visits as an additional source of revenue.

Home tours have other benefits as well. Mainly, it involves flexible hours and depends almost entirely on the working routine of the physiotherapist. Home visits can be as frequent or part-time as the physiotherapist wants. Personal contact with patients also experienced an increase, usually reflected in the amount earned per visit.

Earnings from home visits vary from one physiotherapist to another, depending on how often they come. While the consultation fee for specific diagnoses and specialized treatment remains fixed, it is more or less the number of visits made by the physiotherapist that determines their income.

Average physiotherapy sessions in India are usually between ₹300-₹500. Depending on the type of injury, this can vary. A physiotherapist earns ₹300-₹500 if it is just a counseling session, i.e., which does not involve any treatment.

If it is muscle pain, back pain, joint pain, or a post-surgery treatment/rehabilitation session, the range increases to ₹350-₹500. This adds to home visits, as the physiotherapist makes it more convenient for the patient by eliminating the hassles of appointment queues and other time-consuming problems.

Physiotherapy Doctor Courses in India

To be a physiotherapy doctor in India, one should opt for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English in their high school (12th class) and be transparent with a minimum of 50% aggregate.

There are various kinds of Physiotherapy Doctor courses you can opt for, such as undergraduate courses, post-graduation, certification, diploma, and Ph.D. Generally, undergraduate courses range from 3 to 5 years, whereas master’s or post-graduation is 2 years.

Here is the list of some of the best colleges providing Physiotherapy Doctor courses.

Physiotherapy Undergraduate Courses

Here are the most common UG courses in physiotherapy that you can opt for.

Bachelors in PhysiotherapyINR 1,00,000-5,50,0004 Years
Bachelor of Science in PhysiotherapyINR 1,00,000-5,60,0003 Years
Bachelor of Science in Physician AssistantINR 1,00,000-4,50,0003 Years
Bachelor of Occupational TherapyINR 4,30,0003-5 Years
Bachelor in Rehabilitation TherapyVaries as per city and colleges.4 Years

Physiotherapy Postgraduate Courses 

After UG, let us go over some postgraduate courses you can opt for once you complete your bachelor’s.

After UG, let us go over some postgraduate courses that you can opt for once you complete your bachelor’s.

Masters in PhysiotherapyINR 1,50,000-7,50,0002 Years
MPT Cardiorespiratory CourseINR 20,000-2,60,0002 Years
MPT Neurology CourseINR 40,000-2,50,0002 Years
MPT Sports PhysiotherapyINR 45,000-2,00,0002 Years
Master of Physiotherapy in Urology and ObstetricsINR 80,000-4,50,0002 Years
Master of Physiotherapy in PediatricsINR 95,000-5,00,0002 Years
Master of Physiotherapy in NeurologyINR 35,000-2,40,0002 Years
Master of Physiotherapy in MusculoskeletalINR 2,50,000-4,20,0002 Years
Master of Physiotherapy in Hand ConditionsINR 1,00,000-2,40,0002 Years

Certification courses in Physiotherapy

Here are some certification courses you can take and hike a physiotherapist doctor’s salary.

  • Certificate in Physiotherapy Assistant by BN Patel Institute of Paramedical and science
  • Certification in Physiotherapy by Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical Institute
  • Fellowship in Orthopedic Physiotherapy by Sancheti Healthcare Academy
  • Certificate Program Physiotherapy by CMJ University

Standard entrance exams to become a physiotherapist.

Below are some entrance exams you will have to clear to get admission to a physiotherapy course.

  • CET (Common Entrance Test)
  • GGSIPU CET (Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test)
  • AIMEE (All India Medical Entrance Examination)
  • LPUNEST (LPU National Entrance and Scholarship Test)
  • PGP CET (All India Post Graduate Physiotherapy Entrance Test)
  • JIPMER All India Entrance Exam

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