What are the Coolest Jobs in India, (with good payout)

The Indian economy has been growing at an average rate of 7% over the last few years. This growth has led to many new opportunities for people all across the country. Some of these jobs pay well, while others offer low wages. Knowledge and experience are the basis of everything in life.

We start our life as kids with no knowledge and no experience, then we go to school and college all those years and finally become eligible to get a job or do some work. Even after gaining knowledge and experience, people may not get work in the field they want or like.

Sometimes the salary may need to be better, and sometimes the work may be tedious. But there are many good jobs which give good income and are fun. This article will inform you about the top 10 great jobs in India and cover some unique career options with high salaries.

List of 10 what are the coolest jobs in India

what are the coolest jobs in India

You will find many types of people around you. Some may be in business, some in selling products, some in marketing services, etc. A 9 to 5 job is not for everyone. Many jobs require creativity and can fill your life with enthusiasm.

Below are the top 10 great jobs in India, including unique career options and high salaries.

1. voice-over artist

image by: James Stamler

We all grew up watching cartoons, and some of us tend to them whenever we get a chance. We also have a growing anime culture where animated movies are one of the most popular types of content.

In this type of content, we have actors who lend their voices to the characters on screen. He is best known as a voice-over artist. As a child, I dreamed of being one of them and still sometimes consider this option because of the fun nature of work in this field.

Here you get to voice and be any character in the world, and what more could you ask for it? With the rise in animation content and the increasing popularity of anime and other such stuff, it can be one of the best jobs in India and one of the unique career options with a high salary.

2. Concierge

image by: Aaron Alvarado

Travel lovers have more than one option if they know more than one language. We all want to work in another country or live in a foreign country for a long time for experience. And you can fulfill this dream of yours by becoming a concierge.

It is one of the unique career options with a high salary. When you go out of the country or somewhere in the country, the hotel hires these people who know the local area very well and know about all the best places to visit. Some contacts can get your entry for all the travel options you know. I sorted and figured out everything else.

If you are interested in learning new languages, ​​you can be one of those people. This job will help you work anywhere in the world and allow you to meet new people every day, and your work life will not overwhelm you as it will be more fun than anything.

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3. Anthropology

image by: Aryan Ghauri

Human beings are complex creatures, and this is a well-known fact. Look at yourself and remember how many times a day you find yourself in a difficult situation at any given moment. The next moment, you are entirely somewhere mentally and physically.

I can certainly attest that I am a die-hard person, and we have the field of anthropology to answer why we humans are the way we are. Anthropology studies human beings and their religion, culture, way of operating, etc.

Anyone with an inquisitive nature like mine knows that we have questions about other human beings, and if you do, you should consider becoming one. An anthropologist. How cool would it be to know more about humans than other humans? So we have this suggestion in the list of the Coolest Jobs in India.

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4. Event Manager

image by: Jason Goodman

Some people are very good at hosting and running a show. These people can organize, plan, coordinate, run an event, and much more. They are born for it and have a natural talent; luckily for them, the party industry is a thriving industry worth crores. You get where I am reaching.

Yes, we are talking about being an event manager and earning a decent amount of money while having a lot of fun at work. This job should be on the list of the most excellent employment in India. Everyone who reads this article, including me, has once thought of managing an event or becoming an event manager.

And, call it a coincidence or the natural order of things, the job of an event manager falls on this list in a very deserving fashion. Nothing can be more fun than this, where you can run the show and be the party’s lifeline while managing an event.

5. White Hat Hacker

image by: Kevin Ku

We all know hackers and have experienced or been scared of one at some point. Some of us to date are scared of hackers snatching our data and other important stuff. A hacker can get your hidden information and digital data sitting thousands of kilometers away from you using only the internet and electronic devices.

But not all hackers are evil, and there are white hat hackers too. A white hat hacker is a hacker who does good hacking or is instead hacked by various organizations and other such people to test the security of their product. White Hacker is also known as Ethical Hacker.

If I knew how to hack and were able to do it, I would have become one, as there is good money in this field. All this makes it one of the best jobs in India.

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6. Museologist

image by: Matteo Maretto

We have all been to one or two museums on a school trip or with family. And I’m someone who is very into history and stuff and loves the subject, so I can only say positive things about it. The museums have all kinds of things, old paintings, old weapons, old clothes, ancient human remains, etc., from different parts of the world and different timelines, and today you get to see everything, which is very exciting.

And if you are like me, we know the perfect job. That is why it is on this list of the Coolest employment in India. You can choose to become a museologist or a person studying museums. You might be wondering what there is to read here, but the job of a museologist has a lot to do with the impact of museums on society and the work they do to preserve and curate the objects in them.

All you need is a passion for history and a dedication to uncovering the details of the past, and you may find yourself thriving in this field of work.

7.  Chef

image by: Pylyp Sukhenko

Who doesn’t like food? I love food, and I know everyone out there likes it too. It is why the food industry never suffers like other industries, and even the pandemic could not stop its roll. However, some people like food so much that they not only want to eat it but also prepare it, photograph it, and decorate it.

Being a chef out of all those people gives the best option for food. Not only do you get to eat live food, but you also prepare it and do whatever you want with it. Needless to say, how you learn about the best combinations of dishes, sauces, dishes, etc.

I remember how much I was and still am interested in cooking, which is why I am taking up this lovely profession which I hope to take up. Chase someday, at least on a personal level.

8. Booking Agent

image by: Charanjeet Dhiman

The latest in my mind career option is to either be involved in booking trips for others or to become a tour manager. Anyone who loves to travel and is a frequent traveler knows how good the profession is. Also, the work comes to you instead of leaving you.

When you are traveling by yourself, you go to places, and there you can try to get contacts of hotels, tourist vehicles, etc. It helps you build a network that you can use to book onward trips for others. Moreover, the job pays well and allows you to explore more and know many things about the world and across the globe.

It also helps you to build your network, which is very important in today’s time. Very few jobs can compete with such an excellent job in this list of top 10 good jobs in India, and you can see why.

9. Ufologist

image by: Danie Franco

There can be a massive debate about how legal this job is, yet, it is a great option that people should consider. UFOs, or Unidentified Flying Objects, have been around for decades, if not centuries. Whether presence is real or fake is up for debate, but they have certainly been around, as can be debated by the many individuals worldwide who claim to have seen one.

People like these make sense to be a ufologist because the job will require you to study, find, and investigate UFOs. Some individuals and organizations dedicate themselves to such fields, and they deal with UFOs. If you’re like me and enjoy conspiracy theories and weird stuff that interests you, this might be the job you’re looking for.

However, one thing to know about this profession is that many people, especially scientists, use this profession to explain pseudoscience.

10. Pet Groomer

image by: J. Balla Photography

There are a lot of pet lovers out there who love cats, dogs, and other such animals that can keep as pets. Some of us do not have pets at home because someone is either allergic to them or afraid of them, leaving us without these cute ones.

However, there is another way to be close to them: To be a pet groomer. The job of a pet keeper is to groom the pets just like you would in a salon for humans. Cutting their hair and nails is a part of grooming, so bathing them and giving them all the body care humans do for themselves.

The job feels less like work and more fun, and you spend all day hanging out with these cute creatures and getting paid for it. It is a severe profession that is on the rise these days.


Interesting jobs in India with high salary

There are many different types of jobs available in India. Some people like to work in the IT industry while others prefer to work in the medical field. Whatever job you choose, there are plenty of opportunities available in India.

Most demanding jobs in India in future

There are many different types of jobs available in India. Some of the most popular ones include software engineer, web development, graphic designing, content writing, project management, business analysis, sales executive, marketing executive, product management, etc.

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