Top 10 Young Indian Entrepreneurs of 2022

Many success stories in India almost go unnoticed around the world. Some of these success stories are of young Indian entrepreneurs.

They could think outside the box and come up with excellent ideas to start a venture. Today, his enterprises have also acquired global use.

The stories of some of these youngest entrepreneurs in India should serve as an inspiration to all those who are thinking outside the proverbial box and want to start a startup.

List of Top 10 Young Indian Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Young Indian Entrepreneurs in 2022

These top 10 young entrepreneurs did not follow the traditional rules of business but became a hindrance in their respective industries.

1 Ritesh Agarwal

Young Indian Entrepreneurs
  • Age: 27
  • Founder and CEO: OYO Rooms

The virtue of Ritesh Agarwal is the driving force behind the fact that at present a large number of Indians remain liberals. Oyo Rooms organizer Ritesh Aggarwal, only 18 years old, thought of the prospect of spending an overnight in network with a boarding house.

He dropped out of school long ago to pursue this idea. He founded Oyo Rooms, which is a national sensation. What started as an activity in 2013 with just 11 rooms in a Gurgaon hotel, currently has over 65000 rooms crossing over 5500 properties in 170 Indian urban areas.

Ritesh’s journey of progress is one of the most compelling pioneering ventures in India. Being a passionate explorer himself, he understood the need for Indians to have the convenience of spending with standard comforts.

Riteish’s story is living proof of how a high school psyche with a dynamic idea can change the essence of the Indian friendship industry.

2 Tilak Mehta

Young Indian Entrepreneurs
  • Age: 16
  • Founder: Papers n Parcels

Tilak Mehta is one of the youthful entrepreneurs in India who proved that there’s no age hedge to invention and entrepreneurship. It’s just a matter of having the spirit of curiosity to try commodity extraordinary to make a difference.

The youthful boy is the author of an app-grounded courier service in Mumbai known as ‘ Papers n Parcels’, which is a digital courier company that provides one-day parcel services, uniting with the Mumbai Dabbawalas.

His motive in erecting this courier service was to insure the same-day delivery of goods to further than thousands of people at a lower cost within the region of Mumbai.

Papers N Parcels is a company that offers door-to-door volley and delivery services for about everything, starting from a pen to all of your important paperwork. On a diurnal base, it delivers roughly 1200 parcels to their destinations on the same day.

Tilak believes that “ every ordinary youth those who are curious enough to know why? when? and what? About anything can come from an entrepreneur. Indeed though we’re up against invincible odds on our paths, what matters is that we keep moving forward.

3 Sreelakshmi Suresh

Young Indian Entrepreneurs
  • Age: 23
  • Founder: eDesign, TinyLogo

When we were 3 years old, many of us did not even know what a computer was. However, Sreelakshmi was a talented girl who was operating a computer at the same age. She is so talented that she developed her first website at the age of 6.

She also designed the website of the school in which she was studying. All this talent and skill resulted in his company, e-Design, which he founded in 2009 at the age of just 11. old.

Srilakshmi is often considered the world’s youngest CEO and youngest web designer. He has also received many awards as recognition for his talent. Apart from e-design, he has also founded Tinylogo. He has the gift of designing websites.

Their companies provide services in web design, SEO, and other areas to many popular brands. She firmly believes in the quality of work rather than the importance of feelings and friendship in business, which makes her one of the young Indian women entrepreneurs.

4 Trishneet Arora

Young Indian Entrepreneurs
  • Age: 27
  • Founder & CEO: TAC Security

Trishneet Arora is one of the young entrepreneurs of India, who is also an ethical hacker. He is the founder and CEO of TAC Security Solutions which helps prevent and investigate cybercrime.

Trishneet learned ethical hacking as a teenager after dropping out of school, and wrote a book about it called “The Hacking Era”. Soon after, he started working for the Indian Police on cybercrime cases and was approached by the Punjab Police to give a training session on cybercrime investigation and forensics.

He is a self-made entrepreneur who started small projects like fixing computers and cleaning up software. Having always set a perfect example of “passion to take you forward in life” to face the challenges of life without fearing your failures, taking risks and consequences.

He fought it all. Today, Trishneet’s venture serves many companies in the world like Bharti Airtel, HDFC, National Payments Corporation of India, DHFL Pramerica, Reliance Industries, etc.

5 Akhilendra Sahu

Young Indian Entrepreneurs
  • Age: 20
  • Founder & CEO: ASTNT Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Sahu started his own business when he was 17 years old. He, like most youths of his age, had little knowledge of the corporate world. Nevertheless, he was eager to learn and had ambitions to start his own business.

He started working as a freelancer to gain experience and insight into the market. At that time Sahu had to face many challenges and he was often called too young and crazy for such small ambitions.

On the other hand, these confrontations never bothered him. He worked long and hard to get to where he is now. His patience and determination paved the way for him to achieve success in life. Currently, Akhilendra Sahu is known as “the world’s youngest serial entrepreneur”.

6 Divya Gandotra Tandon

Young Indian Entrepreneurs
  • Age: 18
  • Founder & Director: Scoop Beats Pvt. Ltd.

As a YouTuber, Divya entered the business world. She was curious to know more about the most modern and popular technology in the market. However, she wanted to share the information with others. That’s when his enthusiasm for technology turned into a desire to help others.

To help people understand what they’re buying, he started unpacking and uploading review videos to his YouTube account. After realizing that she could do more in terms of providing pertinent information to her fans, she founded TheScoopBeats, a news and media organization.

It is followed by more than 90,000 people of all ages on social media. He is now a full-fledged Instagram influencer with over 20,000 followers. While her peers were having fun in their teens, Divya worked tirelessly to achieve their ambition.

She has not only been successful in changing her life but she has changed the lives of more than 600 people. She is a multi-talented young female entrepreneur in India with experience in domains such as celebrity management, social media management, and online influence.

Till now Divya has worked with several organizations including Coolpad and Infinix. She has collaborated and worked with various brands and individuals as an entrepreneur, including Lazy Gardner, Aquaconnect, ASCNT Technologies, and many more.

7 Farhad Acidwalla

Young Indian Entrepreneurs
  • Age: 27
  • Founder: Rockstar Media and CYBERNETIC DIGITAL

Farhad Acidwala is one of the world’s youngest entrepreneurs, the founder of Rockstar Media and Cybernetic Digita, a web-developing media firm. Their organization helps with web improvement, advertising, advertising, and marking.

Farhad’s innovative journey began when he was 13 years old with the structure of an online network for only Rs 1200.

And later he bought an online sphere for Rs.500. Also, his vision and magnetism were such that he was going to meetings and syndicated shows on CNN when he was only 17!

Farhad has now effectively stepped up to become the youngest Indian business visionary in the current opportunities and has earned the honor of being the youngest guest coach at IIT Kharagpur’s ‘Annual Entrepreneurs Summit.

He has also voiced his story, his way of thinking, and his inspirations as one of TEDx’s world-class speakers.

8 Kavita Shukla

Young Indian Entrepreneurs
  • Age: 30
  • Founder & CEO: The FRESH GLOW Co.
  • Inventor: FreshPaper

Kavita Shukla is one of those young Indian women entrepreneurs who have been successful in influencing a large number of people across the globe with her humble origins, empowerment, and concept store.

She holds four patents and is the youngest woman in the world to receive the INDEX Design to Improve Life Award, the world’s most prestigious design honor. Farmers and families around the world use FRESHPAPER, and The FRESH GLOW Co.

Have worked with some of the top stores in the world including Whole Foods and Walmart.

She spent years creating her idea of ​​putting spices into sheets of paper and making her paper mix from $25 worth of materials from the craft store. Fenugreek, based in Columbia, Maryland, now produces a product that’s both simple and revolutionary: fresh paper filled with spice, which helps keep food fresh by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Glamour, The New York Times, Bloomberg, CNN, Oprah Magazine, The Washington Post, and The Today Show have all featured her work.

9 Ranveer Arora Allahbadia

Young Indian Entrepreneurs
  • Age: 28
  • Established: BeerBiceps
  • Co-Founder: Monk-E

Ranveer, who hails from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, is a young Indian Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Internet Personality, Fitness Trainer, and Social Media Influencer. He is also known for his current popular internet stage name – BeerBiceps.

He is most recognized among people for his YouTube inspirational and motivational videos.

In addition, he is also the co-founder of Monk-e, which offers yoga, fashion, cooking, and grooming, among other activities. It should come as no surprise that Ranveer has carved a niche for himself in the digital world.

But it’s his simplicity that impresses his fans, the way he chats spreads secrets, and discusses his life, passion, and company, Monk Entertainment.

10 Suumit Shah

Young Indian Entrepreneurs

Founder & CEO: Dukaan App

Sumit Shah is one of the young entrepreneurs in India who started Dukan, a DIY platform that allows merchants with no programming experience to set up an e-commerce business using their smartphone.

The platform was launched in just 48 hours, and millions of merchants have started selling online using Dukaan since then.

Before this, Summit was working in his uncle’s small store before earning his engineering degree. He studied web design and web programming with his college roommate while earning his degree.

He has attended several digital marketing online courses and founded Racemetric – turning a college dropout into a staunch techie in 2014.

He started this business with his current CTO, Subhash Chaudhary. Now, Summit Shah is one of the most successful young entrepreneurs. Sony, McDonald’s, OYO, and Cred, along with many other digital entrepreneurs are supporting companies in the country.

His humble approach reflects his meteoric rise in business and digital popularity.

Wrapping up with top Young Indian Entrepreneurs

The stories of these youths prove one thing age does not come in the way of becoming an entrepreneur.

Most of these young entrepreneurs started their journey with startup ventures started with only small investments.

None of them had a million dollars to invest or any help from outside sources of money. Hence,

these are the top 10 entrepreneurs in India that you must watch out for in 2022.

People also ask about Young Indian Entrepreneurs

Who is the richest young Indian Entrepreneur in 2022?

Ritesh Agarwal, the Founder, and CEO of OYO Rooms be the richest young Indian entrepreneur in 2022 with a net worth of US$ 1.1 Billion (7253 Crore).

 Who is the youngest entrepreneur in India?

As per the list of young entrepreneurs mentioned above, the youngest entrepreneur is Tilak Mehta (16), the founder of an app-based courier service in Mumbai known as ‘Papers N Parcel

How to be a young entrepreneur?

If you want to be taken seriously and have any chance of getting your business off the ground, you must have a clear vision and focus, while remaining objective (and off the ground).

What are the young entrepreneur’s business ideas?

A kid can run a business, following are some business ideas for young entrepreneurs

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